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School tips- ft. flora

hey leaves, welcome to sosoorna’s boring blog; simply a boring blog.

today’s post is really specail bc i’m collabarting with flora (wait did i spell that right? )

but before we get into it, make sure to answer this question:

QOTD: have you ever done a collab with someone?

so here are some tips we gathered from each side (i hope you enojy the tips and get better grades but idk if they all work for everyone)

  • wake up by 6: try to be a morning person
  • ask questions and take notes
  • prepare lessons before the period
  • if you ask questions and still don’t understand; you can go to online reasoures
  • don’t focus THAT much on being astheic; since the point is to study
  • start when doing homework with a subject you like, then a hard one and end with one you like so you stay in a good mood πŸ™‚
  • read some extra reasoures
  • do selfcare
  • make friends and keep time for family
  • if online; keep your camera opened for a while and participate
  • study outside when its autum
  • if offline; keep trying to focus and particpate
  • but please don’t inturpet others [i get inturped sometimes and i hate it]
  • dont fight with the teachers; try to chill a little bit
  • follow me and flora (just kidding)

flora’s post-

some helpful links:

check some of my other tips:

check some helpful channels:


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  1. hey leaves, im inky and i’m low-key upset bc unforntatly, while i was making a post i was logged out. alot happened and idk my password bc i forgot what it was and my google account was deleted with the email; which means i cant get back to this website. if anyone can get in contact with wordpress, help would be nice. if i can’t get back, ill just settle on re-making the site

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