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story promt one-

hey leaves, welcome back to sosooorna’s boring blog; simply a boring blog.

today i’ll be giving everyone who wanted to particpte, and everyone who i nominated and wants to particpate the frist promt.

but before i start, make sure to check out the post and please comment if you want to join this contest.

so, today’s promt is: *dramatic music plays***

promt one- you start writting a letter for for older self, but you sleep soon before you can finish it. The next day; you wake up and you find a totally diffrent letter with your name and your adress on it. It says it’s your future self, explaining your life of a totally diffrent you and how you’ve managed to find life in a diffrent planet, and no one else should know.

explaination- this is accally based off a book on my tbr, but tbh this is saying that you just wrote a letter to your future self, and yourself much older left yourself a letter. It explains that after a long time, you managed to find life in another planet. But no-one else should know.

so in order of this, you must go and find your mysterious future self and find out what you need to do. how did you find the planet? what were you told to do? [do i sound like my english workbook?] go on with this story, as the limit is 600 words. make sure to post your story, before 19th of October.

if your using promt one, [aka this one] make sure to use this image and insert the logo!



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