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birthday haul! :)

hii leaves! sorry if i didn’t reply/like all your comments, since yesterday was a pretty big day! as I think i already said in the last post, aka yesterday’s that I would make a haul post today! super exciting right? but first I’ll get into the “ultimate surprise of guests & presents”

ultimate surpise of guests and presents : p

so yesterday, I wasn’t expecting any kind of stuff, because my parents said that they had ordered me a gift, but the mail didn’t arrive yet, and when my dad& older sibling went outside, they were tryna rescive it and miserably failed. i was kinda disappointed, but not that disappointed. i was just going to settle on a cake & hanging out with my family. after an hour after i dressed up for my celebration, it was almost 9 o clock, and i heard a knock on the door. and guess who it was? two of my friends. :> i was like, wait, what? and then we hung out as my older sister, and my parents prepared the celebration. anyways, when i finished thanking my other family members for wishing me a happy birthday, i got my presents! so I’ll be showing the presents. also, my friends got me a present! and turns out my family was lying about the order thing, and when they were getting the mail, they were getting me a present. nice, right?

well, moving on to the grand presents:

my friend’s present i guess

okay, ignore the trashy background. so firstly, since i like drawing and painting they got me a canvas! super excited to draw something hopefully gorgeous in my own eyes. the canvas has a very small size, which is good! and two of them! like people are so nice ahh :)) then, we’ve got a headband, i mean i think it’s a headband, i haven’t opened it yet. but it’s stunning, and i just love it. lastly, we’ve got a stress ball which i guess says something about my anger issues in real life lol. i will probably be using this when i start school again!

my younger sibling’s gifts! (thanks broskies!)

oki! so we’ve got some makeup! i guess this is a sign from them to stop stealing my older sister’s makeup, but anyways, it’s really good tbh! we’ve got some concealer, which has a lot of well,,, liquid? i also got some lipstick, which looks like a really good shade! next, I’ve got some lip gloss? i think. it’s really looks like a pretty color and am so ready to use it. lastly, we’ve got mascara, which is actually good news bc i really like putting on mascara, but i hate getting it off.

my parent’s + older sister’s gift!

books! : ) ahhh! don’t we just love new books! the way i already had planned wanting to make these my December reads just made reading them a whole lot easier! if you’ve been on my blog since early nov, you know how i finished “the lost hero” and “Segie and storm” which means i get to finish the sab trigoly, and start cinder series, and of corse read the second book of hoo series! which I’m exertamly excited to do! I’ve been reccomed these books alteast once! very excited! :))))

is your birthday soon? + what is your fav present of all? i like them all tbh! + what do you think i should paint on the canvas? (go easy on me please!)

byeee leaviess!

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a small party~! 🍄✨

(ahh fairy wings are just sooo cute…) hii leaves! guess who’s birthday it is! it’s mine! how are ya’ll doing? today is, 29.11.21, and it is my birthday!

you: how old are you turning?
me: I’m,,,, turning.

well, I haven’t done an age reveal yet. anyways, as I said, today is my birthday! this is just a short special, where I talk about mushrooms, frogs, fairies, elves, cottagecore, fairy core, and whatever *that* aesthetic is.

okay, leaves, my favorite things are: elves, if I was a creature, I would be an elf, if I did magic, I would be a fairy, I never ate a mushroom, but mushrooms are actually stunning! disagree, I’ll wait,,,,. have you seen the sparkles of the fairy core aesthetic, with the water, pastel colors, and wings. just picture this, okay?? you’re on a swing, and it moves with the fall wind, as you listen to all too well (Taylor’s version) [from the vault] and you really enjoy the background music, aside from the rain dropping your wings. the gorgeous lake is moving slowly, to even more sound. your cottage house is close, and the lake is sparkling literally. you are wearing your wings, and your elfish ears have heart earrings. your are wearing heels, and above your gorgeous baby pink (with a little dim grey) dress, with mushrooms on it, there is one of these *gorgeous* fall shirts. wait what was there name again? well, these fall sweatshirts that are brown and light brown. you have the power of the moonlight, supporting you. you feel so relaxed.
now, iNhAlE and eXhAlE. okay??? but isn’t that such a good scence.

this post really reaching an end, huh? well have a good day, and iNhAle aNd eXhAlE. okay, but breath. please. uwu. :] well, if you REALLY liked this post, check out some of my others below 🍄✨ and lastly, can ya’ll spam my comments? I’ve seen multiple bloggers do that < 3

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it’s been 180 days!

hiii! omg, I’m so excited for this post! so, I’ll just get into it! if you’ve been wondering, ‘what is 180 days?’ it’s basically 5 months, but let’s ignore that because it’s actually 6 MONTHS AHH. *play’s the 1d song called night changes?* IDK it’s named tbh.

well, if you’ve followed me this month, and own a blog [not a website] you might be lucky(?) I guess, since i decided to steal these blog’s logos and just make a thank you on them.

so, I’ll just show you.

if you’re wondering what the date is for, it’s the date you followed me! i know it’s kinda stupid, but I didn’t know what to do(?)

meh! I’m really happy to just have been using WordPress for so long! so, since it has been 180 days, I wanna see how many posts I currently have.

*applause for me uploading almost every day *****

Let’s play a game! ▶

in this game, *squid game music plays* I’ll be making five or more comments on this post with questions, like a kind of theard, and then you can answer the question, and if people have already answered, then reply with your thoughts!


me: what is your fav food? + why?

you: ice cream! bc,,,,,

so leaves, this post seems to be ending, but good luck with the game!

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happiness- a re-written essay~

hii leaves, welcome to my blog again. or my blog, for the first time! meh, anyways, let’s get into this post.

I decided, like two days ago, to write an essay. about happiness which wasn’t for school.

well, to anyone reading this to use it for school. don’t. you can re-write it, but don’t copy this. this was actually a re-written essay in the first place. :]

here is the file link- you aren’t able to edit, just incase trolls reach this post.

if you can’t enter by the link, here’s the essay:

Happiness is desired, but few people attain happiness easily in life. 

To be honest, if it is hard; happiness is linked by the relationships that they’re in.

Many people link happiness with money instead. If you’re unhappy, then you can’t be happy with whatever ship you are in. 

One problem in ships is having high expectations. We want them to make us happy. Most people will feel happy if they get something from the other side, but it won’t make us true happiness.

This kind can exist in any kind of ship.

1- pay attention to yourself ~

You should always do what makes you happy. Of course, care about others;  but focus on yourself equally. Well, not exactly equally; focus on yourself 0.1% more. If you focus too on them, you’ll have a toxic relationship. You might make the person disappointed if you give a lot, and then make it lesser.

2- Don’t wait for them to do anything.  ~

You might want to text your friend or someone like that, but they don’t text first. You do first. Talk to them. If they text back, then you’ll be happy and talk. If they don’t want to talk, they won’t. You’ll feel happy if they do.

3- Provide some space ~

It is good to provide a good amount of space. If you don’t give space, they won’t feel happy with you.

Happiness is necessary for a good life –

It doesn’t matter who you are, you need happiness to live a good life. A person who is not fit emotionally will feel an impact on his complete health will drain very soon. Sadly, people don’t pay much attention to this. They think that if they’re successful, they’d be happy. This is the cause of many mental illnesses, and most of the cause: stress. 

Conclusion: Happiness is a feeling and healthy emotion. It helps us to feel good, and fit. The reason for happiness might be different for everyone. If you want to feel happy, you can only do that. 

This is a re-written essay, and it belongs to essay #7 on this website


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books that are just <3 <3

hiii leaves, I feel kinda unmotivated to make this post, so it may be kinda low quality but meh! in this post, I’ll be talking about books, that give comfort, and joy! just ♥ hearts basically! the book’s in here are going to be just amazing & perfect for your tbr! [to-be read] before I get into these books, I just wanna tell you; if you want to have them on your tbr, make sure to check TW and age ratings.

if you enjoyed harry potter, you must have heard of Percy Jackson! it’s one of my comfort series, and I may be starting the son of Neptune soon! also, look at the emoji my autocorrect is making: ♆! nice emoji, right? well, the pjo series is amazing, and should be on your tbr! it’s a good series, whenever I’m sad, I read it. then, I forget I’m sad :] so yeah, that’s why I love this series! anyways, moving on to the next book! if you like six of crows, please tell me you’ve heard of the shadow and bone series! this is the series that includes siege and storm, the book above uwu. it’s a wonderful series/trilogy, though I haven’t finished it, I read the two first books! and I’m giving both 4 stars! :] so I totally recommend this book :]

“so what?”

“*scoffs* so what?”

“so what if it’s a trilogy about murder, at least it’s a good book, at least it’s active in the community! and what do you do? *glares* you steal all our food! and-“

yes, I just re-created a TikTok sound, excuse me. well, so what if it is a trilogy about murder? can I not get comfort?? it’s a really good trilogy, seriously! it’s still amazing, and you will like it. it’s amazing, stunning, gorgeous, fun, talks about death, and is amazing! :]]

anyways, moving on to a curse so dark and lonely. I didn’t finish the trilogy, so I guess I’m talking about the first book. it’s a really good book tbh, and I would recommend anyone going for a long read, that if they want one; read a curse so dark and lonely. unlike, the second book of the trilogy, good girl, bad blood, both are long, but a curse so dark and lonely is a slow-paced read. it’s a good book, and you should read it. i’ll leave it here.

since this post is reaching an end, I’ll end it with a music recc:

listen to it…. OR

QOTD: did you listen to it? what do you think?

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some more podcast recommendations

hey leavies, does leav ieees sound better? ok, it is spelled as leavies but is pronounced as leave ieeeeeeeees? yeah okay. i’ll stop. okay so every time i make this kinda post, i look back at it like ‘there weren’t many reccs’ so I’ll try to put as many reccs as possible-

anything goes with emma chamberlain [#1]

it’s a great podcast, and it’s amazing to listen to. a small warning is that it has swear words.
description- Emma has a LOT on her mind. Good thing she has a podcast to talk about it all. Appropriately named, anything really does go on this podcast. Thoughts, conversations, and advice on topics from relationships and dealing with failure, to the trials and tribulations of being a cat mom, and ridiculous stories with friends we can all relate to. It’s raw, intimate, and nothing is off limits (seriously, Anything Goes). It may be serious, it’ll mostly be funny, and it’ll always be entertaining. New episodes every Thursday.

mugglecast! [#2]

*** it’s a good podcast, and it’s pretty fun to listen to, but i’ve heard better. :] oh yeah, and sometimes they swear. description- MuggleCast is your weekly ride into the Wizarding World. Our Harry Potter podcast, hosted by four life-long friends, brings its listeners entertaining and thought-provoking discussions about the universe. With each new episode we discuss everything Harry Potter: the latest news, the Potter books, Fantastic Beasts, the theme parks, the video games, the fandom, and more! ____

the 13 podcast: a taylor swift fan podcast [#3]

**************** too many stars, sorry. it’s really amazing, and yes they do swear like all the above sighs
description- “13: A Taylor Swift Fan Podcast” is a deep dive into everything Taylor Swift. Who is that song about? How does she connect so many songs together? Which scandal was she singing about there? From “Tim McGraw” to “It’s Time to Go,” follow along as four Swifties break down every. single. song. Taylor has ever written, and have a lot of fun along the way! Subscribe for free with new episodes every Tuesday. Follow the show on Instagram & TikTok @the13podcast.

the girly girl podcast 🙂

**** very good podcast, and i’m not sure if she cusses though :> she talks about femine stuff, if you couldn’t tell.

bright side (yes it is a podcast too)

*** everyone’s heard of bright side. come on.
description- Whether you’re into useful tips for self-improvement, psychology, recent discoveries, mysterious stories, or just your day-to-day routine, there’s something for everyone! You can expect all that and more coming at you in five new episodes every day. If you’ve got a thirst for knowledge that never quits, then join our community! We have a good time, so take your shoes off, kick back, and make yourself at home here on the Bright Side of life

my own podcast- inkyleaf

***** it’s so amazing, and i don’t cuss. go check it out! i upload a little on it!
description- in this podcast, i talk about many stuff, such as life; books wrap ups, harry potter, and more. i sometimes talk about myself, and i make alot of content, so following this podcast would be great!

so that’s all the reccs! small life uptade is that i finished my exams, [luckily] and i’m ready for a short break till i start my next semester! last uptade is that i made 100 DESIGNS ON CANVA! isn’t that cool>? last two uptades are 29 nov, my bd and somewhere this week, my blog turns six months old!

i did a little of cuzmotzing on it, what do you think???

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happy early birthday to me!

hii leaves, welcome back to my circus. so today’s post is going to be about my birthday, happening in a week from now. well actually, I guess 8/9 days since it’s on November 29th? Meh. I’m pretty excited about my birthday, but I kinda don’t wanna grow in a certain way, you know what I mean?

so tbh, I don’t think I did much of an age revel, and I’m probably not planning to anytime soon, but I’m a teen so I guess that’s kinda all you have to know meh 🙂

well anyways, I just know this a short post as I’m VERY busy with my upcoming math exam today. well ur probably like, “that’s it?” well, yeah I’m just asking for birthday wishes on my birthday 🙂



  hours  minutes  seconds


inky’s amazing birthday~🎂❇

pretty, huh?

bye leaves~ I’ll be adding a little to this post later, such as a featured image!

p.s. my new blog button! I’ll be updating it on my page soon!

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lover album review

hii leaves, welcome back to the circus with one clown. and that clown is a swiftie, for very good reason.

so I’ll be reviewing Taylor swift’s album called, ‘lover’. for me, it’s a great album and Taylor really did well on this one. I know I made another post on this album, but I didn’t actually finish the album. I finished the album yesterday, so I guess I can review it very clearly.

but before I get into this, we need to talk about the lover photoshoot; uwu it’s too cute 😭😭😭 like if I’m taking a photoshoot; it has to be like this:

the lover shoots 😩

🌈 :: @luvlypsd :: ♡ ⃗...
Taylor Swift - photoshoot for Lover magazine 2019-06 ...
Bethanie — Red Photoshoot vs Lover photoshoot


I think it’s a great album and it’s one of her best. would totally recommend listening, as you go from I forgot that you existed to soon you’ll get better. its tracks are amazing and light-hearted.

top tracks- [no order]

wow, I already feel like changing them all, meh. I love her tracks!

what’s your fav taylor swift song? tell me in the comments! bye~

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happy twenty years of harry potter! — RetterDay (Harry Potter logs)

hii retterays, welcome back! i haven’t posted since two weeks, and i really don’t regret it. this website is starting to become more ‘harry potter news’ then ‘harry potter thoughts’ but who knows? maybe i’ll make another kind of post that has harry potter thoughts> well, getting into the post quite litterally; today, was the […]

happy twenty years of harry potter! — RetterDay (Harry Potter logs)

i just uploaded on my other blog! check it out.