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i went book shopping |book haul|

sorry for the bad quality

well that featured image really got pixled, thanks to instagrams image size. i have to admit it’s partly my fault, as i use a facebook cover for the image size. hii leaves~ it’s me inky! how are you doing? and welcome back to the circus with only one clown, and that’s me! *silnce* anyways, you read the tittle; let’s get into this!

so 2 days ago, me and my sister begged asked my parents to take us to the bookstore, and they finnally said yes; but we had to do our homework first. moving on, we go on a street, walk as creepy old men stare [i had to mention it as it can’t be norilized]. we get there, and we’re *blinded* by the options. i litterally had to set up my own set of options. each of us could get two, so i deciced to get the books below. and yes, i did take my time, didn’t i? oh yeah, before i get into the books: [me and my sister said we could take eachothers books, so i’ll be incuding hers]

my books~

all of these are gorgeous *sobs*. so i’ll be just talking about them, so the frist thing i’ve got here is the lost hero. i already finished reading it earlier today, so i’ll be making a whole review on it. if you wanna read it, i’m just telling you that it’s a series about another series made about almost the same characters, and you need to read percy jackson and the olympuions series first, and then heros of olympus. i think it’s a great book uwu. next, is seige and storm. it has a pretty cover, and i’m exicted to start reading it tommmrow! it seems so fun to read and it’s cover has a werid snake 🙂 also the darkling will be back, and it’ll be something :)) i’m really looking forward to reading it, since before the lost hero, i had been in a reading slump, but now i’m born ready.

my sister’s books~

both of these look pretty intersiting, plotwise and character wise. by the cover of ember in the ashes, i can tell there’s probaly gonna be a big war, that would be intersting! oh yeah, and a girl with a dagger :] yeah the book looks pretty enterating. so i’m so looking forward to reading turtles all the way down~ it’s apperantly about mental health, and that sounds pretty entertaning, so i’m *very* exicted to read all.

small life uptade-

i’m not saying i won’t upload soon, but if i don’t post for a day, don’t be surpised as i’m gonna start finnalls of the semster, and then i’ll have a i think few days break, and i’ll get into another semtester, so these like week or 2.

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edit- i made a podcast eposide about 16 minutes ago:


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