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interviewing heromine |part one|

hi leaves, welcome to the circus with only one clown. today is part one 1⃣ of me interviewing bloggers. today i’ll be interviewing heromine, from portable magic. she has a great blog with amazing book reviews and she’s a fun blogger.

introducing heromine-

i’ll be telling ya’ll what i found in her about page. she’s a 12 year old blogger, who loves reading. She’s also known as Annia, her fav genre is fanasty.

the interview

1. Why and when did you start blogging?

Wait…do I have to introduce myself? Oh well, you just need to know that I am Hermione and I run a blog called Portable Magic. And my actual name is Annia but I don’t want people I personally know, know that I have a blog…ooh…this is one introduction right. 
My mother actually created my blog for me when I was eleven in November 2019 because she wanted me to improve my English and my French.  Got to say that it worked haha. I think she created my blog on the 18th as a late birthday present I guess. I only actually started blogging for real around June this year. 

my thoughts- pretty good intro. i had no idea that you knew french.

2. What is your favourite blogging memory?

Umm… what am I supposed to answer for this?

my thoughts- ur fav blogging memory?oh well.

3. If you like my blog, what is a post you liked a lot? 

The one where you talk about beauty expectations. More people need to understand this. Your beauty is not inferior to others who are perceived as more beautiful. It is just that we live in a society where we judge people from the outside rather that the inside. It is like the inside doesn’t matter anymore. 

my thoughts- thanks! and yea that post was very importent for me. and i totally relate about how people don’t seem to care about the inside anymore.

4. What do you like about yourself?

Well, i don’t know. I guess I like my memory. I tend to remember conversations really well…comes in useful you know.  You remember all of your friends secrets when they expect you to have forgotten it…

my thoughts- oh wow, that was quite unexpected. like very unexpected and i currently have 0% memory :’)

5. What are your hobbies?

Reading books, smelling books, reviewing books, swimming, thinking, overthinking, blogging, writing in my diary, staring out into the night before going to bed. Bonus points if the moon and the stars are here. And double bonus points if overthinking is added to the list. Nah…I am not weird if that is what you are thinking…

my thoughts- wait that’s pretty relatable.i think it’s pretty fun,

6. Do you have any pets? If so list them.

 We have four koi fish (around the sizeof my finger) and probably fifty ”million fish” They are like guppies. I think they ARE guppies. It is a type of grey fish that is only about two centimetres long.  Actually, all of them live together along with tons of aquatic plants in.

my thoughts- oh well, i love fish,. they’re very calm and peaceful. i currently have two fish. and i *obviously* didn’t have to search up guppies.

7. What is your favourite thing to do?

Everything listed under Number 5. Oh and plotting nonexistent revenge on my enemies. One of my favourite past times. 

relateable- like in the shower, im like thinking of roasts.

Thanks again Inky for this collaboration. Loved your questions. 

it’s oki, and also your answers were very fun to read~ and you sound like a fun person!

go check out her blog, and her posts here.



hi! i'm inky, a teen blogger. i don't talk much about myself, but here we go!~ i love reading, writing, drawing, painting, uhm,,, blogging, and talking. (is that a hobby?) you can check out my socials below: .WordPress .spotify- .roblox- .Pinterest- .storygraph-

7 thoughts on “interviewing heromine |part one|

  1. Thanks for interviewing me Inky. This post was really fun to read! And come ooonnn you cannot have 0 memory….Sometimes it happens you know. Remembering things that are not important but forgetting things that are important haha😅

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