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dentist vlog-

this post was written 4 days ago, but i added the gif today, so i published it today.

hii leaviess! Welcome back! Or welcome I guess if you’re new tbh. Well anyways today’s post is a vlog in which I have images + many enterys on every few minutes 🙂
so here we go!

12:44- i just left the house and am feeling pretty ready! I hosted brushed my teeth and am feeling good I guess. I’m in a taxi, and am waiting to arrive there.
1:08- OKAY so I’ve been there for a few minutes, still feeling pretty good. I checked my wordpress and took a picture for this vlog. I’m getting pretty bored so I’ll see what I can do!
1:22- OKAY, so i went to the kids playroom, no, I’m not that young but i was REALLY bored so i had to do something. I took one picture and i might come back to get one more, but I’ll share what happened. I made a word in the places scrabble? set which was “yes” and then i went to the horses ride thing which you see in the picture and i saw kid trying to pull the ride since it doesn’t work which had me and two other kids. i guess I knew the kid was struggling, so since i wasn’t a kid, i put one foot down of the horse, and helped the kid pull. I’m really good at making kids think they’re good at stuff? idk lol. I’m gonna go and take an other picture, and just walk around the place.
1:51- hello? I thought I was late, but I’ve been waiting for a little,,, meh. In this time I got myself water, and I watched some youtube.
2:15- ayo?? it’s been a while right? and am still waiting lol like someone save me. OMG as i was typing this i got my turn. I’m currently laying on there, but i keep getting interrupted and i can’t type. Since, I went in early Nov, they already know what to do and they just put an entire needle in my mouth and am diying lol. Well not really, but the feeling sucks. its currently 2:27 so when i write, ill make it on a different time.
2:34: so they started putting these thingys in my mouth that remove and saliva and stuff, and Idk about you, but i think they’re amazing tbh. They put liquid in my mouth and hold on. we’re done??? that was so quick and for what? meh I’m just happy we’re done tbh.
2:39- in the elevator rn.
2:43 about to go to my apartment’a elevator ???
2:46- am in my house, washed my hands, took off my shoes and am about to take my socks off.
I survived!!!

woow that was a lot… Well i survived! so yeah, this was kinda a diaryish entry. did you enjoy this post as much as i did? Then comment: DENTIST and check out my recent posts!!