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2022: what to expect!

do i use purple too much? mehhh, anyways hi leavies welcome back to sosooorna’s boring blog, in which i made posts. WELL COME OFF IT I MAKE POSTS. i just wanted to say, this post is going to be shortt, but soon i’ll be making a longer more talking post than uptade logs ig? anyways, let’s get into this post and i’ll tell you what to expect:

what to expect:

  • a contest every month or 2/3
  • a blog redesign by jan 13
  • wow this color
  • book posts
  • three to four series
  • weekly day in life vlogs
  • monthly wrap ups
  • more eposides on podcast (inkyleaf)
  • weekly wrap up’s on podcast

re-desinging times

  • new year blog re-design
  • spring re-design in half of march
  • one year of blogging mini re-design on may 20 something
  • summer re-design july
  • fall re-deisgn late oct/nov
  • winter re-deisgn dec

six times in one year sounds good, right?

podcast uptades:

  • eposides weekly
  • cover re-make
  • weekly uptades

so here we are! all new year accnments done! i’ll be uploading a podcast eposide soon :))