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how to save money

uhm, not my usal type of post but this is an essay i wrote for school.

-inky, 23.12.21

Clothes/Food/books whatever, are very expensive. So, I’ll be telling you how to save your money for people who just keep losing money. There are many ways, and I’ll give a few!
1- water and electricity:
did you know that water and electricity should be turned off to not just save them, but also your bills? start taking shorter showers, and turn off extra lights. Instead of turning on two weak bulbs, turn on one strong bulb. Slowly, after you end the waste, your bills will go lesser.
2- make your own food:
This one is also very important because it affects our health and life if we only keep getting fried food, but going out to get food will spend a lot of money. You can replace all of that by making your own food. This is a pretty basic one, so I’ll be giving a bigger one.
3- Stick to a budget:
If you don’t already know what a budget is; say that you want to use 50$ every month on clothing, also put a 15$ for emergencies. It will be simple having it as a page in your notebook, but, don’t give yourself hard goals. Say you spend 1000$ each month. You can’t just say, I’ll use 50$ each month. You have to move slowly. Make it 900$, then next month make it 750$ then 500$, 300$ and then put it at 100$ 🙂 Moving to the next point.
4- Expensive is not always better:
Many people say, “I don’t want to go to cheap stores, they’re too cheap meaning poor quality. Come on, let’s head to h&m.” No, you don’t have to do so. cheap stores are really good, and they barely lack quality.
So yeah, here are my ideas. But I’ll give you a bonus: don’t focus on being aesthetic. It doesn’t matter much as long as you do hard work. I hope you got some ideas, and are able to make use of this post.