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reacting to your assumptions about me!

hiii leaves! welcome back to another of my posts! so, in this post i’ll be reacting to assumptions about me (i’ll be uploading a podcast verison soon!) so let’s get into this!
stara’s assumptions:
you are shy but talk a lot when you get to know someone
you love to read
you love to blog
you love listening to music
you love nature
mushhhroooom! (thats an assumption too😂😆
-okay, kind of yes but also no tbh like; i think i can have a convo with someone that i barely know, but like i talk alot when i find out they have simlar interests: like if they said they loved taylor swift; then we’d be talking for a longgg time :))
-yeah tbh! music is kinda my therapy at this point. like the cheap verison. like stream taylor’s evermore/folklore or the song by rosie: never the 1 and you’ll be crying. but not about your problems : p
-nature is reallyyy pretty and yes, do i love it? yes. do i take photos of it and feel alive in it? yes. do i inhale the amazing air? yes. would i live in nature? no lol it’s too far from the world :’ ) and it’s expensive :))
-me shakes hand mushrooms
thank’s so much for your assumptions!
thepastelbicyle’s assumptions:
-You like cats
-Taylor Swift is your favorite pop singer
-You like hosting contests
-Green is one of your favorite colors
.cat’s are super cute and amazing! <33 i love cats and i used to have one (no it didn’t die) but i had some travel for a month, and the cat reallyy got depressed so we had to take it to another family bc it wasn’t eating or playing. :((
.yes! she’s my fav singer, and I think she’s really good at any genre! (oh no, now i’m gonna talk about her for the next hour!) like i loved her pop in red and 1989. really, i think that 1989 is kind of underrated. like only blank space and shake it off get the attention. (i mean, have you listened to wonderland?? or clean??) ok fine i’ll stop :))
.yea uwu
.ya’ll are really good at this! green is one of my fav, like pastel and leaf green. < 3 i also like pastel blue, pastel pink and any color mixed with grey!
thanks for the assumptions!
so these are my answers : ) if you enojyed this post, well, i have a question for you!
QOTD: what song do you have on repeat?
that’s it for now! check out my recent posts below! byeee <333


hi! i'm inky, a teen blogger. i don't talk much about myself, but here we go!~ i love reading, writing, drawing, painting, uhm,,, blogging, and talking. (is that a hobby?) you can check out my socials below: .WordPress .spotify- .roblox- .Pinterest- .storygraph-

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