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book’s i’ve been reading recently

clealy not my dec reads

hii leaves! welcome back to my blog! </ 3 (the broken heart looks more like a heart then the heart) anyways, let’s get into my dec reads!

the son of neptune (hoo series book two) and ruin and rising (sab series 3rd and last book)

okay,we got the sun-sorry son of Neptune, as in the second book of Heroes of Olympus series (five books, and read the pjo series first) > it’s a really good book. it’s nice that I started my month with this book tbh. I did that back in Nov and I’m hopefully gonna be able to get my “the mark of Athena” copy by Jan, which is the third book. anyways, back to the book I rate it 4.5, it’s a really good book but I feel like 5 stars would be a lie✨ the book is elite, but just when I got used to the characters lol :>
moving on, we got ruin and rising, the book my girl Leigh ended the sab series with. it’s the first Grisha book (knowing I only read the sab series) to get 5 stars ✨ it’s an amazing book, super underrated! speaking of the Grisha verse (is that how you spell it?) I’m planning to read king of scars since I’m not ready to leave ravka yet. I’ll probably start reading soc (six of crows) when I’m done with that series. ruin and rising are the best sab book, I love the character development, and the ending was soo great!

cinder (the lunar chrincoles) the demon in the woods (the Grisha verse short darkling prequel) all this time (short standalone)

next, we’ve got cinder. a great re-writing of Cinderella, people say it has something to do with star wars since it takes place in the future; but I never watched star wars so IDK: / lol anyways, the book was a fast read and a really good book. it was my third read this month and it was amazing. I would rate it,,,,, 4.5 stars ✨ yet again! it definitely could have been a bit better and I don’t like its cover. but something I’m looking forward to is reading scarlet, but the book is sooo expensive. IDK if scarlet is gonna be about the little mermaid or the girl with the bows, but am excited! ✨ last but not least is the demon in the woods (30 pages prequel) which is 4 stars in ✨ book. there’s not much to say about it other than spoiling the book so-
the last book is all this time (aLwAyS) which is a short romance book. it is about 200 sm pages? and the authors are the ones who wrote five feet apart, so I had good expectations tbh! a lot of people said this book was gonna be better than five feet apart, which is soo true! it is an amazing book, totally recommend it!

so, what are you’ll waiting for? add these books to ur tbr and have fun! trust me, if you read them, you’ll have a really good reading month! that’s it for now, but answer the qotd and check out my posts below! ✨
QOTD- what is the most recent book on your tbr?