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inky admits her fav colors

(read to lose brain cells )old design but k :)) also i don’t rember using this as a character when drafting the post and I remember using this character in sep tho I drafted this in july. did I predict my future?? (joke btw)

refernces for you to find your fav shades!

Hey besties, today I’m picking out my fav colors and having fun with them. I have many links above for you to try this out, but I’ll be using the last one :))

#CCCCFF+ CCE5FF (light purple and blue)

they both remind me of the moon and the word luna/lunar. sky dreamy blue, imagine it mixed with the clouds, yet it is wiped with a pretty shade of dark blue, darkened by the dark, with a pretty moon raiditing engery to the blue and purple giving it even more engery, YEA OK I GET IT ILL STOP :/

#CAECC7 + DBFFD8 (best shades of green)

next colors are stunning. imagine a gorgeous leaf 🍃 (ref is this pic i found on bing) it would be so gorgeous. according to colorhex, both colors are in the same paltee with diffrent tents. green is my fav color, and it links back to my pen name inkyleaf. think of these colors like this: you’re going to a picnic, k? and you’re having fun, then you see a Agalychnis lemur frog (meaning) and it’s on a leaf, with this exact color and you watch it do what it does. and you watch it being the absolute cutest and no one but you is here to make fun of your frog 🐸 obbesion.

p.s. why is that frog scary?? the computer windows emojy is scarryyy. if this post gets 7 likes (alot for me lol) and 3 comments, (ok that one is hard) then i’ll upload a part two, so tell me if you want me being veryy werid again??? :))

QOTD- what’s your fav color? >>


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