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how i make my characters :)

hiii ! this is gonna be a very dry post where I make a character and I *dryly* explain some of it. :)) good luck creating! ily~

when you go there, click “graphics”

I changed my character to another one after this screenshot but I kinda wanna shout out the brand so this is its code: (just search it) brand:BADs2HYdjAU

keep changing the colors till it looks like you

what do you think? i think I’ll save her

search anything related to ur character, and then add them to the design

I love mushrooms! (I also searched for leafs and a pair of glasses)
roate them and change the size to what you prefer

add a watermark or so


so that’s it! bye for now! <33 (pro tip: after exporting, remove the background using a website called; removebg:/ )