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my top reads of two thousand twenty-one

i don’t own the book covers that are shown below lol 🙂 thats all

hii! welcome back!! i litterally cannot belive this year is over tbh> it feels like it’s only been eight months so far and CLEARLY not twelve. there is alot to look forward to coming from new year, you can check that post linked below at the end of this post to find out what >

well anyways, i exceeded my goal of twenty books with two books. :)) i know, not alot, blah,blah but still : > i was in a reading slump for what; half this year??

now let’s get into the books : p

turtles all the way down was an excent read. it talked about a girl with mental health problems, who stuggeled to live her own life in peace. a thought spiral comes her way. this book of romence, mysery yet lighthearted was amazing. (yes, OK I SOUNDED LIKE ONE OF THESE REVIEWS ON THE BACK OFF EACH BOOK, BUT REALLYY IT’S AMAZING!! AND I WANNA GET FEATURED ON THE BACK :)) ] book review here

ruin and rising. what can i say? it’s simply amazing. i remeber at the time where i was reading this i uploaded on my private story: we’re happy free, confused confused confused confused and lonely in the best way.
bro wasn’t i right?> grishaverse is confusing lol : ‘) mixed with magic, power, hunger, strengh, war and darkness. this book is great, and a perfect read to those who care about power.
“what is infine?”
“the universe and the greed of men.”
~are we not all things~
~//everybody wants to rule the world//~ (tears for fears song)
check out my review for shadow and bone here.

gosh, i am lazy and i will upload a part two tommrow! :)) byeeee happy new years eve for most ppl! <33


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