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i went book shopping [book haul 2]

i love this image yes inky you just outdid yourself

hii leaves! if you’re wondering, this is not a part two to an older haul, a new one but it has the same tittle and simlar featured image as an old one and i wanted to point out it wasn’t the same lol : / anyways, last weekend i bought six books beacuse there was a buy one get one *free* thing at a local bookstore. ikr. what a good sale. plus the expensive books were free : ) so lucky me
which means that instead of buying two books each like me and my sister usaly did, we bought three each⚟ now let’s get into the books!

the books lol

nice pink right?

let’s start from below. the mark of athena had a pretty cover tbh, and the plot was amazing! (ok you got me i finished a book before making the book haul) but come of it, rick rodrion books are the best and comfrot books! i won’t talk much about this book since i’ll be making a book review soon! kingdom of the wicked has such a pretty font and who designed that cover?? i’m looking forward to reading this book soon! tbh, idk much about this book except that people recomed it and that there’s a kingdom, but…. most books with kingdoms are 3/4 stars so weeee! holding up the universe : i think this book is probaly close the the one i most want to read since it sounds so cool and has a really good tittle. moving on, a heart so firece and broken. this one alsooo reallyyyy sounds interseting from the back, i can’t say much about it but wish me luck in reading it ig? the couple next door > idk if i’ll be reading this one soon, since it sounds super intresting, but horror books/ movies are usaly not my thing.

so these are the books i bought! what do you think of them?>
QOTD- book you bought recently?


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