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the mark of athena- review

hi leaves! welcome back to my little blog. so in todays post, we’ll be disccusing the book, “the mark of athena.” i’ll be explaining the order of reading, and then i’ll be talking about the plot and why i rate it 5 stars. this won’t incudle spoliers for the book, but i might accidenty spoil what happens in the book before it.
about the book:
just when annabeth was going to see Percy, and everything was gonna be okay, it seemed as nothing could go good for the seven as they were quickly in trouble. Narrated by four half-bloods, this book really stood out with the grea t plot and my comfort writting style. Rick really worked hard on this one, and it clearly was not a waste. to anyone who wants to read this book, this book REALLY IS A AMAZING READ I LOVE IT GO READ IT OR ELSE.
the order of reading the mark of athena
this book comes from a series, (third book) called “heros of olympus” which comes from a shorter series (in pages not books) called percy jackson and the olympions. It goes over greek and Roman mythogly. There are five books in percy jackson, (pjo) and five books in heros of olympus (hooo). yes, it might be 10 books about this dude percy, but trust me, these books really stand out to me and the mark of athena is my comfort read rn.
QOTD- ur current comfort read
AOTD- the mark of athena & all this time
Why i rate it 5 stars
everything about this book was just perfect. u know that meme that goes like; i cant explain it. i cant out it into words. it’s like a FeElInG i CaNt cOnTrOl. well, exactly bro u speaKED my mind. (i know its spoke) so yes, go read it.

Diccusion questions for anyone who read it (spoliers may be in the comments!!)

  • What is your fav character?
  • how did the end strike you?
  • fav book by rick ?

so yes leaves, thats the post have a great day!


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