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how i make book review covers-

i think it’s my best so far

hi leaves! in todays eposide, i’ll be making a book review that i’ll be using later in a post. so let’s get into the steps!

starting with this image, you have to pick a sutiable color. i would either use yellow/pink for the book shown below, but you have to thinkof the book as a color. like, if this book was a color? or a significant color in your book.

search up your book, and paste it onto a postion. my fav is on one of the edges : )

for the rating, you can use either emojy search or graphics search to find any star. i use the one with the sparkles.

next, i start coloring the stars. theres below the books colors and i use them to sytle it up.

these colors ^

then you paste and copy your things inside the star place.

next upon, you search up an item that reminds you of the book or gives you a vibe. you can put it in a good postion/

now, we do the text. you’ll need two fonts. start with your base font, and write “book review”

then, use your second font; and write the name of the book.

results are above!


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