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immortality and madness – a folk tale

the squared image of a picnic is not mine, but the rest is and below is my writting xxx (sorry)

once long ago, in the north west of Rome, there was a mad woman. She was close to thirty and tall. Her hair was grey and falling on to her neck. Her old features made her look like a peaceful old woman, but she wasn’t like that. No one knew that woman’s name as she was full of mystery.
She was always tired, walking through the freezing streets of Rome, watching kids with their tiny hands with mittens on them as they form snowmen. Mostly she just kept to herself, being cold and cruel beacuse this woman was not naturally unstable.
Hungered by power, she lived in a tiny cottage near the woods. But when she wasn’t in her cottage and didn’t keep to herself, she searched for werid materials and looked at well, everything as it was some kind of power. People told her her plan wasn’t to work, but who were they to her?
She was the shadowy figure of every kid’s nightmare. The woman had reason to be so. She had kidnapped multiple children. When she gave them back after three months with no contact; not even a ransom. They were never the same. Though there was no sign of physical damage, some went mute or got into a state of madness or mental illness. But this was before mental health seemed to be an issue.
Well, what was her plan? She wanted to become immortal. Never ending life. Many people went mad to this cause. Many adults tried to do search on her. They found out that she was born in 12AD. But no, it was the 1400s. How was she still alive? Was she really immortal? They looked into her family and friends. Everyone she knew died. All for werid reasons and murder. All the cases would close for years, without new leads. Later they found out that her sister, emerald; had died at 7. They found an old newspaper; Emerald, 7, died earlier this morning at seven o clock. Alisa, her sister is devastated. According to her mother, She has been crying the whole night.
“wait,” the people thought. “She died earlier this morning how has Alisa been crying all night. ” But that wasn’t the concern. They had a lead on the old woman. Her name. (And her dead sister.) They kept searching. They just couldn’t stop. They kept coming accros newspapers, and family trees and it was crazy that all were hanged till death.
Later, many hard days later, they were walking in the cool streets of rome as one jokly said; “Emerald”
“Yes?” The 14 year old girl who was also one of the reasearchers. It took her a long time to realsie her mistake.
“You’ve got to explain. I thought your name was Emily.” She was unsure and taken by surpise, so she didn’t say anything but the truth.
“I am Emerald, yes the one from 12ad. I just wanted a life without her ruins of immortality. ” She heard another gasp. “I mean, she was always telling me how to become immortal and tricking me. She treated me horribly, and I just wanted her to go. Crazy idea; but I faked my death. She knew I did. She’s looking for something she can’t have; immortality. Why? She saw me hung, and it scared her. What if that happened to her? She wanted to escape from it. And find her sister. Why did I fake my death? Well, I thought she would be blamed for it and just go away and leave me alone. But it didn’t work out the way I wanted. I just want to trace her, and show her how I actally did find immortality, and maybe it would work for her too. But I never did. Now I just fake my age and name.”
She walked away, tears in her eyes. People say she walked to her sister’s house, and others say she went to another country. Rumours of her being seen, even in the 2000s could be true. So maybe immortality for her was real.