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Blogger Interview with Inky

hey everyone! i did a blogger interview a few days ago, and it’s out now! srishti was so fun to talk to, and i hope you like her blog! 🙂
p.s. i’ll be making a sample entry for my contest. i also got my first entry from brooke; check the post out here and below is my interview!

The Srishti Blog

Hello Everyone! So here I am with my second blogger interview!

I want to thankInky @ Sosooorna’s ✨Boring✨ Blogfor being part of this interview. She is such a wonderful person and I have actually had the pleasure of interacting with her quite a bit thanks to blogging and I can say without a doubt that you will really enjoy her blog so be sure to check it out. So, let’s start the interview.

a) Tell my readers a bit about yourself and your blog. Why do you blog about the topic you blog about?

Hi! I’m Inky and I write about music, books, writing, wrap-ups, and anything really. I’m a teen blogger, and I really love frogs<33.

b) What are the topics you write about the most?

I write about myself a lot (I mean, I just finished a series called get to know the blogger…) and books probably…

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