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inky’s custom contest sample entry

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hi leaves! i’ll be making a dry sample entry for my contest! check it out at the end of this post!


{add your intro text} {{hii! yourname here! fjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjjhfffffffffffjdksfhlshglhlkjlssssssssss}


  • add the featured image on the start of the post (but you can make your own design, and place mine at the end.
  • follow the selected categories: writting, painting, desiging or baking.
  • max three entries (but you can only win one)
  • for writting, max words is 350. it also has to be family friendly.
  • for painting+ deisnging ; make sure it’s kid friendly. if you’re unsure; send it over to my gmail.
  • when paste (ing?) the logo; make sure to add the copyright credits. (caption)
  • use “inky’s custom contest” tag in the post.


  • add your nominations below
  • such as:
  • inky @sosooorna’s boring blog
  • inky @retterday
  • a cool person @a cool blog
  • make sure to link the text with a recent post!!

your creation-

{talk about it}}} so i decided to go for the writting category, so here is my write-up

p.s. it’s above the word limit, but this is just a sample post

the story

once long ago, in the north west of Rome, there was a mad woman. She was close to thirty and tall. Her hair was grey and falling on to her neck. Her old features made her look like a peaceful old woman, but she wasn’t like that. No one knew that woman’s name as she was full of mystery.
She was always tired, walking through the freezing streets of Rome, watching kids with their tiny hands with mittens on them as they form snowmen. Mostly she just kept to herself, being cold and cruel beacuse this woman was not naturally unstable. …..

[finish the story here]

(outro text blah blah))

the logo
copyright credits- the ruby and flower are not inky’s image

{{some more outro text}} thanks for reading, bye!


hi! i'm inky, a teen blogger. i don't talk much about myself, but here we go!~ i love reading, writing, drawing, painting, uhm,,, blogging, and talking. (is that a hobby?) you can check out my socials below: .WordPress .spotify- .roblox- .Pinterest- .storygraph-

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