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my time traveling friend. -a promted story.

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I smiled, my friend Mary was always so perfect it. But being around her was a pain, as she made me feel worthless, but I thought, “Well she is right,” I had done many stupid things and she was much better. Much smarter. Better, more lucky. Never wrong. Literally everything I was oppsite off. I alaways got us in trouble, and in stupid sutiouns where she would have to save me out of it. She makes fun of me alot, but I couldn’t careless much beacuse was ussally right. I never really saw her make a mistake, or just be wrong. Like, she never loses. Anyways, today I was walking home and decided to visit. She said sure, and I told her I was coming.
When I arrived there, I saw her trying to lit up a candle and laughing as she was failing. That wasn’t right. Watching her act like that with the smile on her face was quite unselting. When she was finnally able to, a fire erupted out of it. I was about to try to do something, like literally anything, but then the scence shifted with foggy clouds and I was back at her house and there was no candle in her hands. No fire. My eyes moved on the clock and it was 6:05. Five minutes ago. How? Something was wrong.
She looked at me, concred.” You are so stupid,” she complained, but I wasn’t sure what I did this time. She looked at me one more time: “Time to save you.” As I felt a burn in the back of my palm; I saw I was holding the candle. But, I-I had burned the place? Yeah it was probaly me and the hulucaion was that she had. She grabbed my hand, making the candle fall out of mine. The fire had already started. She was too quick and smart for me, beacuse all I said was, “w-what I thought you were burning the candle.” She already had opened the emergancy exit but the fire was already taking over. The clouds speard once more and time felt like it was spilt in half. we emergancy exit open felt tired outside now mary bleeding and m-more clouds. back in time, outside everyone okay.

It was still a blur and Mary looked really tired. But I could tell what she was doing. “w-what were these cloudy things?” I asked, unable to even think. But everytime. Mary would deny switching time. But I knew her little secret.

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