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i got covid | life uptade recently bc i haven’t done one in a while

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hi! welcome back! so in todays vide- sorry, post; i’ll be making a life uptade. and no, i’m not clickbaiting you with mentioning covid; beacuse i did get it. (dw i’m okay, and never clickbait anyone with certain topics bc that sucks ]

alright, so what’s been going on recently? i’ll make a list, but it’ll be short.

  • exam season started
  • i most likely have gotten 10/10 in two exams : ) !!
  • i got really sick
  • so i tested
  • and i had gotten covid
  • but by the time the result came, i was perfectly fine
  • so saying, i take the test today; it’ll say negtive
  • my qurratine’ll be done by Monday
  • i’m starting irl school ! (one day a week, and in five groups; and i’m with non of my friends)
  • not even my younger sister, who’s going to a diffrent buliding (so i’m super worried). me and her are going on diff days.
  • i wanna vlog my first day, but phones aren’t allowed
  • i made a friend : p
  • but she’s not in my group : (
  • i’m gonna get a new bag, bc i’ve donated my bags lol
  • but i remade my pouch and it’s stunning
  • there hopefuly will be an uptade on exactly how many days i’ll be attending, and stuff, but i’m unsure.

so that’s everything! byee~


hi! i'm inky, a teen blogger. i don't talk much about myself, but here we go!~ i love reading, writing, drawing, painting, uhm,,, blogging, and talking. (is that a hobby?) you can check out my socials below: .WordPress .spotify- .roblox- .Pinterest- .storygraph-

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