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inky’s custom contest | all entries so far : ) | + deadline |

🙂 flower + ruby aren’t my images

hii! long time, no see! here are all of the entries + the deadline and info! if i didn’t mention your post, you can comment below!

here are all the ones i think i read, although no i’m not sure :)) sorry if i didn’t mention yours, i probably would’ve accidently forgot bc i have the WORST MEMORY EVER lol

anyways, so

DEADLINE : march 7



  hours  minutes  seconds


deadline :3

p.s. (updated on 21.2.2022) i just wanted to thank you all for the views & support even thru my lack of uploading. i’m currently in the break before exams, so then i’ll be super busy , so during this break when im not studying, ill be scheduling posts hopefully such as: i upload on 20, 21 no uploads, and then 22 will be a post : 3 thanks alot for 95 followers! all of your support makes me so happy, and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a mean blogger, which makes me love the blogging community! < 3

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inky’s custom contest- some uptades!

hey leaves!!! welcome back!!!

#i forgot how to do an intro

#so let’s just get into this

re-nominating the ppl (just incase you forgot!)

new nominations

so yea, p.s. if u don’t know anything about this contest check out the embed posts~ since this post was kinda formal, here are my normal posts:

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alien- a story

!! sorry for not replying to emails i will by tmrw 6:00 pm ast i hope!!

im trying a new character; she looks way more like my own self, and she has glasses! i never got to g ive my characters glasses; and SHE HAS FACE STICKERS; FROG; AND AMUSHROOM HAT ILOVE THIS

‘Humans aren’t peaceful!’ I yelled. ‘And I will end you!’
Hi! So you’re probaly w ondering how I got into this sutul
I laughingly smiled at my parents as we were having dinner with my sister, Elise. She was a Castrosokos, which was a type of alien. Though me and the rest of my family are humans, we accepted her. But she didn’t like us. She was always rude, never laughing at any of my moms funny jokes. She had brunette hair, just like me and she looked gorgeous. But,I did have an older sister who wasn’t anoyying. Her name is Alice, and she is super nice to everyone, and always had my back. But she was in our shared room, busy typing out an essay for her english homework. After dinner, I went up to my room.
‘hey.’ She said causly.
‘How’s your essay going?’ I asked.
‘Great.’ Alice replied, as keys on her keyboard were easily heard, but were just as releaxing. ‘I’m writing it about life expernices.’ She stoped as her robot assiant walked in. It asked her if she needed help, and then came mine. I thanked it and said goodbye. It went to sit in it’s chair,and compelte it’s list of tasks which inculded cleaning the kitchen after out dinner. My digtlal live 3-D print-out caldenar was hungout on my fanacy robotic closet. It said; 26, Wednesday November 2028. Still? Time was passing slowly and I was craving the weekend. Being the only human at the school made me have to work twice as hard as everyone else in the school. I was basicaly top student, but I wouldn’t be marked as that as in their words; I was a weak human. My own sister who was raised of human parents didn’t try to be thankful for her own parents who loved her and spolied her more than ever. I wanted to fight for human rights; but I felt like the only person who’d dare stand up for us.
It was Thursday, 27th of November. I didn’t want to go to class today, but I didn’t really get a choice. Elise was telling mom that she wouldn’t be doing any chores today, and my mom said sure. She did this everyday, and it was a demand. I got ready, and walkedout the door.
‘Bye mom! Bye dad!’ I said quickly, and rushed out the door.
I ran to my first class, and all the coeexperts looked at me like they saw a clown. Not the scary ones, but the ones you see in cartoons. Well , I’m saying they gave me a up-and- down glance, which kind of hurt; but I was too used to it to bother at this point. The first class was bio , Alien bio anyway. I was listenting to the teacher as she said; ‘Coeexpert aliens are rather skilled in investibity, umminty, and brains. Very good trickers, and fighters. Castrosokos are good at swordfighting, knife-trowing, arrows, and lastly are acadimically smart. Next, is the-‘. I stopped listening. Their strenghs seemed to make my chances of fighting for humans rights go down to zero. I tried to go back to focus, but my brain wasn’t exactly working very well. ‘Oh yeah! I forgot to meantion. The coeexperts have mind control as a power with their high brain levels. ‘ Oh no. This was getting worse and worse. Couldn’t they be weak, useless things like us humans apperently? I was so upset. Anyways, I tried not to think about it. But I wanted to just live a normal human life like they did in they 2022’s. Not that I wasn’t seen in the war between the Aliens, but talking about their powers scared me more. I didn’t know what wouldhappen if I tried to protest aganist them.
The day passed, and at night I was reading a book. Time travel was mentioned. Well I couldn’t protest but maybeI could go back and make them lose the war. Nevermind. That was crazythinking, but the crazy part of me was like; so what? Let’s give it a shot. I called myrobot and asked her, ‘hey! Wouldyou get me a sheet of drawing paper and a pen and plastic and a few mechinic peaices?’
‘Uhm, sure!’ It replied and went to complete the misson I had given. After a bit, it came back with everything. I made it turn on my lights,the pretty pink one and started working. I drew a clock, past, a year, bulit it and now I had to make up a code for it. I thought, and thought. It was almost midnight now, and I testeted it. Nothing happened. I made purple arua portal. Nothing. I re-coded. Re-wrote the year. But then my sister walked in,which was starnge beacuse it was almost three am.
‘What in the world are you doing?’ She said.
‘Uhm. Coding.’
‘A clock?’ She asked looking down at me. ‘Humans are really dumb.’
I ingnored her, and so I did to the pit in my stomach that hurt from dissapoinment. Iguess I’ll never be able to stand up for myself, or humans. I hated the Aliens at this point. But I couldn’t stay up further. My eyes closed. I woke up quietly the next morning, and since it was a weekend, me and my sister sat alone at breakfast. I told her about my plan, and she said;
‘You want them dead?’
‘Not dead.’ I replied queitly so that my family couldn’t hear. ‘Just not ruling. They’re horrible honestly.’
She nodded, and left the table. I went over to my room, and countined trying to fix the clock. I coded, and coded. I made the arms move so that it had an effect. I tried working out to the portal, but that didn’t work. I tried harder. I wanted to make it work. Still, it stubbornly wouldn’t. Finally, a few hours later mom called me for dinner. The weekend passed quickly. On sunday, I rushed to school , and ugh. History class. The teacher was talking. ‘Seeing as such, this is why humans are the most peaceful species.’ I, the only human in class; raise my hand and stand up. ‘Humans aren’t peaceful!’ I yelled. ‘And I will end you!’ I ran from the class, back home and luckily everyone was at school/work. I got my timetravler to work, and a purple portal burst through. But then, I saw someone sneaking from the window.
‘You really thought you could do this without me? I fixed it for you! Now you’re not risking your life without me!’
The teportian was already being made, so I couldn’t aurgue. We rushed there through space. I wouldn’t say I would’ve liked the scene, but I had to float down to the battleflied. But then Elise sank down with us (?) She said, ‘I HATE ALIENS AND I’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I’LL SAY IT AGAIN!’ We looked at her confused, and she didn’t do anything but strike at her own team.
‘What a disgarce!’ the aliens said toghter but they melted. Did she just use her powers? Alice joined in, (since when was she an alein?) and stroke.
‘wow.’ She said plainly. Didn’t know I had powers.
I ran around, till I found their greatest weapon.

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free pretty wallpapers (customised!)

hi everyone! i hope you’re doing okay; and very good. here are all the wallpapers

if you want one customised; then fill the conact form. after that, you can check your email for the next three days!


phone/tablet wallpaper
desktop organised wallpaper
picnic. (p.s. i’ll remove my character and uptade it soon!)
pretty frog (phone)
basic phone wallpaper
winter aestheic (desktop) p.s. creds to Pinterest