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boba story : app review

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i hope you guys are doing great!! , but yea, let’s get into the review :))

boba story is a game inwhich you get a cafe’ , and have alot of super pretty customers, and has a cottagecore/mushroom aesthetic vibe.

here are the characters, and a few drink combinations you can make. such as, a girl with a mushroom head, and a frog with mini glasses.

so, what is my review??


♡♡♡ (four stars)

it’s an amazing game, just not for me. : 3

other people’s reviews

FlopBread, 01/06/2022

Great app!

I was looking at the App Store out of boredom and came across this game. I decided to download it and it got me addicted in the first few minutes! The art looks great, and I like the idea on how you could make your own drinks. Though, this game is similar, (almost identical,) to ‘Animal Restaurant’ where it is a good game where you can unlock decors, hire staff, and (soon to be in this game) a garden. It’s basically Animal Restaurant except aesthetic, I guess? This game is very fun, but after you unlock everything it tends to get quite boring. Maybe the game could use some events, like seasonal or side events, like unlocking a special topping or lid.

Overall, this game is very well developed and I can’t wait for it to have more updates and have a larger player base!

– apple store

elliente, 10/19/2021


I saw your tiktok and wanted to support you immediately. I love your game, your aesthetic, and determination to create such a cute boba game. I would love to see more of a storyline with the characters or maybe a background about this fantasy world that you have created. Maybe there can be small daily objectives as well 🙂 I highly appreciate how stress-free this game is. I don’t have to think hard to relax and enjoy the game. Thank you for your hard work and much love!!

Also, is there a possibility to add little titles to see which each flavoring is called after you purchase it?? I saved up all of my coins, purchased all the flavors (and I mean ALL the flavors) at once and now I don’t remember a single thing 😅

– apple store

thanks so much for reading!!


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