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ramadan afternoon vlog !

2:15 hello, i’ve been home since a bit, i hope you’re ok!! i took of my uniform and socks at the speed of light i’m currently fasting 🙂 i hope u are too! so anyways, i’m not gonna do much till 3:00, i’m currently resting

2:41: hey again, i’m about to get out of bed and play with my sisters. see you at 3:00!

3:00: it’s time to … study :(, but i really don’t wanna. so..

*tells someone to force me to study**


4:00 : OK SO JUST DID english letter writing practice , arabic homework, and now i just have to study some science, and then early exam practice since they start at 14:4:2022, so rip. i’m gonna go back to studying, and i’ll review my notes for the science test on wednesday, real quick, then check for math homework, and as i said exam practice 😦

4:29- all homework done 🙂 i still got exam practice, but it’s important to go take a break since i studied for an hour and a half straight. magrib (sunset prayer ) isn’t till 6:39, *cries* and i should have finished studying by then. but anyways, talking about sunset is making me hungry. but before i stop, i just wanted to say that ramadan is like any other day, expect it’s more tiring , and you can’t eat. so during this break, i’ll be playing my fav game called “boba story “ i made a review about it and it would be great if you check it out 🙂 thank you!

5:00 and ugh, it’s study time

5:23: so recently , i’ve been taking lesser to finish tasks and i keep surprising myself :), so anyways i won’t be doing anything like ig productive till 5:40, i’ll be helping my mom prepare the meal, and fix the table, but for now i’ll be reading and sm other stuff.

ok so sunset started see u after dinner

7:15 that was amazing . goodbye for now 🙂

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ramadan mubarak ! < 3

hey leaves! i’ll be uploading a story tomrow , but for the next 28/29 days is ramadan, and so was yesterday!

so i just wanted to make this post to wish you a happy ramadan~

(p.s. i’ll also upload a ramadan vlog sometime)

also, ill be fixing the homepage for my website “retterday” bc it’s just not the vibe, and i’ll be changing this one tommrow!

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the aesthetics tag! (sample entry for further explanation!)

hey! today is the first of april, also known as april fools, but i’m not pranking yall today. and btw, happy early Ramadan (if you’re a muslim ig) and go do something good for someone today, and pray

so, into the post.


heyy! how are you guys? today i was nominated by inky/(whoever nominated you) @sosoooorna’s boring blog for a tag! it’s called the aesthetics tag!

*say anything you wanna add**

Rules :

(copy and paste the rules from here)

  • you can use about three to four different types
  • add the logo of this tag in your featured image !
  • answer all questions
  • nominate ten / (or more!) people and link to their recent post
  • tag me here!
  • have fun! 


favorite aesthetic

so my top three are : coquette, fairycore, and cottagecore :)) [you can write whatever you like, these are my tops]

your prettiest shirt

i’m planning on buying this still

cutest item

your pintrest page rn

cute picture you found there (please link source of picture of copyright)

what you wanna dress up like

anything on here

a pretty playlist

the most pretty picture you took

cute outfit

i’m not sure what to upload for the last ones, but i’ll love seeing yours! < 3