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two flower poems (not mine!!! i didn’t write them! )

hi guys! so i have a speaking test about poems and we had to find them and talk about them. i found poems based on my fav flowers (daises and tulips) so here they are ! (AGAIN I DIDNT WRITE THEM !!) fun 🙂


Daisies standing in the rain,
Hold their heads together,
But they never once complain
Of the drenching weather.

Daisies know the sun will dry
All their dripping laces;
They’re far too wise to frown and sigh
And spoil their dainty faces.

second poem

That was the year I planted tulip bulbs.
After a year of eager and patient waiting
The gorgeous red and yellow flowers
Of mellow beauty filled in the garden.

I watched every morning in quiet admiration,
The dew drops and bees circling on soft petals.
The young tulips in mischievous breeze made,
Flower bed sizzle with life, vibrant and aerial.

which one is your fav??