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the “awkward blogger tag”

hello everyone! i was recently tagged for this tag by rick Ashley @rickrollsboringblog thank u! it’s an honor as idk how to get out of awkward situations!


  • Thank the blogger who nominated you
  • Include the graphic and rules in your post
  • Answer the 5 awkward questions
  • Leave an open nomination for all the other awkward bloggers out there!


1. What are three words you find boring?

big, (who even says that anymore?) nice, (i just say that when i run out of adjectives 🤡) and mint, (mint is amazing and the word could have been much better)

2. Finish this line: “I feel awkward because…”

i feel awkward when i’m sitting at the dinner table with my friends, especially with parents envoled like idk how to talk anymore : /

3. What’s the last thing you thought about before the thought you’re thinking now?

random times in which ^ that happened

4. Have you ever gone to give someone a high five and you guys missed?

not really, but i always high five people really hard, but it’s a sign of ✨love✨ and when people high five me they do it very softly

5. Why is being awkward awesome?

you have a lot of time to think to yourself so that’s good : )


anyone who wants!

thank you guys for reading !