hi! i’m a teen blogger who doesn’t really like to revael much about myself, and makes alot of spelling mistakes that ya’ll just have to ignore. i like alot of things. my name is inky, although it’s just a pen name. i can my readers/fans i guess leaves. <33 i really like leaves, mushrooms, teapots, swans, spring, forests, rivers, falling leaves and more pretty stuff like that. šŸ™‚ my hobbies are writing, reading, designing, blogging, drawing, and trying to be aesthetic. [miserably failing.] anyways, i started blogging back on 5th may 2021, with another blog, which i don’t use much anymore and i started this blog on 26th may, 2021. my birthday is at November 29, i get inspired by many blogs.

love you guys! < 3



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My birthday