hi! i’m a teen blogger who doesn’t really like to revael much about myself, and makes alot of spelling mistakes that ya’ll just have to ignore. i like alot of things. my name is inky, although it’s just a pen name. i can my readers/fans i guess leaves. <33 i really like leaves, mushrooms, butterflys, fall, forests, rivers, falling leaves and more pretty stuff like that. 🙂 my hobbies are writting, reading, designing, blogging, drawing, and trying to be aestheic. [miserbly failing.] anyways, i started blogging back on 5th may 2021, with another blog, which i don’t use much anymore and i started this blog on 26th may, 2021. my birthday is at november 29, almost in a month. i get inspired by many blogs.

now, i’ll be explaining my characters- i used the one on the left for my old character. the center one is mine, and i’ll be using it for featured images. the one on the right is for logos.



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My birthday