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august monthly overview!!

hi leaves! how are you doing?? i hope you’re doing amazing!

i don’t do enough of this series. so here is the monthly wrap up! : D

  1. blog stats~
  2. happiness
  3. booksss!
  4. physical health! : D

blog stats~

uhmmmmmm,,,, so um i barely have reach but it’s okay : ) i don’t blog to get famous that’s not my goal. i like being “unknown” it makes me feel like i’m the mysterious cool blogger : ‘ )



this was a great month : D i was kinda sad at the start but i got so much happier throughout the month ! so maybe an 8


i think i read two this month & the first was great : D but the second was kinda mid : /

physical health! : D

i didn’t get sick !!!! : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thanks for reading! i hope you have a great day : D

PS can you find the hidden song in the tags! hint: it’s by taylor swift!

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habits to start before school! (that actually make your life better fr!)

hey guys!

this is the “bIg pOsT” that i said i was gonna do!

so anyway

heres the list

brush your teeth everyday

now, not every one brushes their theeth thrice a day, but there’s people who brush their theth only a few times a MONTH. make sure to also clean your tounge too.

study your weaknesses

everyone hates this part but it’ll probaly pay off!!


this one will take some getting used to , but it’s a fun way to express your feelings


start showering every day, skin care, and hair care

(for muslims!) read more quran!

thanks for reading this weeks post!!

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a summer poem <3 (summers the season )

hey ! inky checking in for the week ! i’m planning a big post soon !

this is the poem (handwritten )

Summers the season ,

Of red berries ,

Picnics, cold showers ,

stargazing in the beach at night ,

Shopping in your favorite malls ,

Summer is the season ,

Of light , soft shirts,

blue jeans ,

Summers the season ,

Of seeing your friends ,

Eating icecream,

Blowing bubbles ,

And trying new things,

summer is surely the season.

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boring summer movies | the minion movie | Rise of Gru | star rating ✨

hello everyone ! Welcome back or welcome if you’re new ! todays post is a movie rating ! A few days ago , i went to the cinema and watched the minion movie!

what is the movie about?

it’s about a kid who dreams of entering a “supervillain gang “ who has his own gang of minions (lol) but the supervillains turn out to be terrible

star rating ?

🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 it’s a good movie which was funny and entertaining! but defiantly is not directed for my age !

age rating ?

6-9 years old

thank you for reading ! see you next week < 3

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burnout. (read entire post please !!)

hey leaves ! i have to say that i’ve been so inconsistent since litterally JAN . yes i’ve been posting , but if you see the pattern , i’m keep posting and then going for a whole two weeks . what is happening with me ? that’s the question right.

all through out 2021, i was posting consistently, and i had lots of fun . but what i didn’t notice was that posting every day and working so hard on my posts would lead to burnout.

at some point , i thought i just lost interest. but that’s not true , as i still love posting here and would never want to leave you guys < 3

i’ve been trying to ignore burnout , even take breaks, but i have been feeling guilty for even taking breaks : (

so i decided what to do . over that past bit, i’ve given my self some time to relax. what i’m planning is a new posting schedule !

posts every sunday . t

thank you for reading ! : D also im still going to continue the boring summer series, and the picture diary , so you don’t have to worry !

bye ! have a great day and see you on sunday !

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*very* important news

hey leaves , how are you doing ? i hope you’re feeling great : D recently i’ve been quite bored with my content , and i’m guessing you have been too .

QOTD : what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

recently , i’ve been thinking of also doing a mini picture diary for my blog , but don’t worry , i’ll still mainly upload my normal posts

just trying out different things

i might not enjoy and change it

thanks for reading !