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my experience and thoughts on journaling !!

(i think all ways of journaling are super cool, but i’m sharing what has worked best for me) do what you like !!

hello leaves, welcome back! i hope you’re having a wonderful day! today i’ll be sharing my thoughts on journaling


i have wanted to start journaling since 2021. i also wanted to keep a diary since maybe 2016, but idk if that counts. i hadn’t really been consistent, so stopped. i also tried digital journaling, but nothing seemed to work for me. i had seen people online with fancy journals filled with habbit trackers, weekly spreads and more. that is definitely cool, but i found out that this is not for me.

i enjoy making little entries once or twice a month physically now. it’s fun to make little spreads about my interests and thoughts. i make digital to do lists, which helps me to stay on track since the list would be on my ipad, which means i can’t avoid seeing it i guess.


i think it is a fun hobby, and it can help you relive stress and unleash your creativity (similar to blogging). when you find the type that works for you, you’ll enjoy it and love it.

sorry if i sounded weird in this post. have a good day and thanks for reading !!! : )

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some of my designs!!

hey guys!!! been a little since i posted but i’m planning to post once or twice a week. anyways, i hope you’re doing amazing! : D

so here are some of my designs! (you can use them as desktop wallpapers to

for more designs, you can click these other blog posts i do have : )

these are a bit older..

have a great day!! see you : )

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a summer poem <3 (summers the season )

hey ! inky checking in for the week ! i’m planning a big post soon !

this is the poem (handwritten )

Summers the season ,

Of red berries ,

Picnics, cold showers ,

stargazing in the beach at night ,

Shopping in your favorite malls ,

Summer is the season ,

Of light , soft shirts,

blue jeans ,

Summers the season ,

Of seeing your friends ,

Eating icecream,

Blowing bubbles ,

And trying new things,

summer is surely the season.

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boring summer movies | the minion movie | Rise of Gru | star rating ✨

hello everyone ! Welcome back or welcome if you’re new ! todays post is a movie rating ! A few days ago , i went to the cinema and watched the minion movie!

what is the movie about?

it’s about a kid who dreams of entering a “supervillain gang “ who has his own gang of minions (lol) but the supervillains turn out to be terrible

star rating ?

🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 it’s a good movie which was funny and entertaining! but defiantly is not directed for my age !

age rating ?

6-9 years old

thank you for reading ! see you next week < 3

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what to do for self-care ! (boring summer series!)

hey leaves! Summer is a longer break from school and work which during, you can hang out with your friends, and travel far away! But a fun summer is never completed with a bunch of selfcare days! : D

  1. why is selfcare important ?
  2. what can you do during a selfcare day!
  3. suggest some topics below!

why is selfcare important ?

Going outside and socializing, even with your friends, can get draining! Even sometimes your body might be tired of the movement, and much more! If you force yourself to countuine, even when tired; sure you’ll look perfect and fun, but you won’t be happy!

what can you do during a selfcare day!

  • jornaling about your feelings
  • watching an episode of your favorite show
  • wear pajamas all day
  • stay in bed for a bit
  • read your fav book
  • 3 hours of screen time max
  • bake cupcakes
  • do some skincare
  • meditation

suggest some topics below!

thanks for reading! if you would like to suggest some more topics, i’d love to cover them! also i’m still not done with all the design suggestions, due to my blog series, but i’m gonna finish them by 7th July! thanks for reading!

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things to do in summer! [Boring Summer series]

hey leaves! welcome to the first post of “boring summer series!” if you want to see this post in it’s best look, check it out through the website! thanks : D

  1. things to do with friends/family
  2. things you can do alone!

well, here is a list of things you can do in summer!

things to do with friends/family

  • Picnics out with family/friends < 3
  • Board games with family/friends (uno, monopoly, snakes and ladders, more!)
  • Trying a family member’s/friend’s drawing style and they try yours
  • Going on a Walk in a park while talking about anything with friends/family
  • Start a blog/podcast/book/fanfiction/business (such as selling lemonade, baked goods/ bracelets/rings/bags )with friends or family
  • Visit Malls/Museums/Art Galleries toghter
  • Listen to eachothers playlists and rank the songs
  • Read the same book/Watch the same show

things you can do alone!

  • Try a new Hobby (Scrap-booking, Reading, Diffrent Types of painting, Ditgal Art, Poetry, Crocheting, Roller Skating, Basket Ball, Designing, Scocer, Gaming)
  • Make a pintrest board of your life
  • Start a long book series
  • Try photography
  • Buy yourself flowers
  • Try to bake cookies/other
  • Watch a productive vlog and do something from it

I hope this was helpful! If you try something, tell me about it! I’d love to hear which you did and if you enjoyed! Keep in mind that some hobbies you won’t enjoy and others you will!

Bye for now! < 3

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scratch 3.0 review! *****

hello! how are you guys doing? i’m doing amazing! (i did another covid test and it’s negative!!!) before i get into this post, kindly answer the question in the comments ! : )

QOTD: do you want a tutorial on how to make a cool code?

anyways, getting into the post..

looking coool

this is the scratch homepage. you can easily code with it.

why i rate it five stars

i take this app for school, and i love learing about tech and things like that. i’m not really into coding, like javascript coding and things like that but this app made it kind of fun : D and it has a really nice layout !

main features

these are the main blocks. you can do mostly everything with them

some of the features:
-show/hide feature
-play/stop audio
-audio sensing
-when to start the code
-loop feature
-stop all feature
sensing :
-ask&answer feature
– sense sprites/backgrounds
-math equations
variables/my blocks:
-make your own blocks
-total scores

other important features:

-the character which u can code. you can have one/many
-have different costumes you can edit
-you can add more
– you can draw them yourself too : )
-basically the background
-many templates
-you can also code according to them.

was this post helpful?

before i end this post, i just wanted to ask if u guys can please help me get to 100 followers! every since jan started, my views haven’t been as good! (not that i’m ungrateful ofc!!) so if you would like, comment, share or follow me, i would really love that! thank u! (also i’m looking to make more posts like this!)


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did you know that 1 in 5 people can do this eye trick?

Hey everyone! i hope you’re ok! Since I’m quite busy today, I suppose I’ll just get into the post!

so what is this eye trick?

it’s called “The Kane Circle Illusion

steps to achieve it are:

stare into the picture for ten seconds












source : redbubble

stare at it for 9 seconds….. 9, 8 , 7, 6, 5 , 4 3 2 1

what do you see? if you see a triangle around you, then you are 1 out of 5 people. send this to your friends to see if it works with them!