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a summer poem <3 (summers the season )

hey ! inky checking in for the week ! i’m planning a big post soon !

this is the poem (handwritten )

Summers the season ,

Of red berries ,

Picnics, cold showers ,

stargazing in the beach at night ,

Shopping in your favorite malls ,

Summer is the season ,

Of light , soft shirts,

blue jeans ,

Summers the season ,

Of seeing your friends ,

Eating icecream,

Blowing bubbles ,

And trying new things,

summer is surely the season.

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let me show you my digtal art!! : )

hello! how are you doing? todays post is about showing off my designs! you can suggest some if you want any! : )

copyright info:

in all these pictures, reviews of the products/info about the aestheic is not my work, and was by many other websites
certain pictures do not belong to me, such as pictures of the products, and aestheic pictures : )
and lastly, i am in no way associated with the new york times : )

suggest any in the comments! thanks! : )