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my experience and thoughts on journaling !!

(i think all ways of journaling are super cool, but i’m sharing what has worked best for me) do what you like !!

hello leaves, welcome back! i hope you’re having a wonderful day! today i’ll be sharing my thoughts on journaling


i have wanted to start journaling since 2021. i also wanted to keep a diary since maybe 2016, but idk if that counts. i hadn’t really been consistent, so stopped. i also tried digital journaling, but nothing seemed to work for me. i had seen people online with fancy journals filled with habbit trackers, weekly spreads and more. that is definitely cool, but i found out that this is not for me.

i enjoy making little entries once or twice a month physically now. it’s fun to make little spreads about my interests and thoughts. i make digital to do lists, which helps me to stay on track since the list would be on my ipad, which means i can’t avoid seeing it i guess.


i think it is a fun hobby, and it can help you relive stress and unleash your creativity (similar to blogging). when you find the type that works for you, you’ll enjoy it and love it.

sorry if i sounded weird in this post. have a good day and thanks for reading !!! : )

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my 2023 goals :)

Waring; this is a trash post tbh

hi!! sorry i should’ve posted earlier, but exams are keeping me busyy! Happy new year :))

i stayed up yesterday to do a 10 second countdown, then feel asleep happily.

ok here we go:

reading 30-35 books:

this year, (or last year ig) i read 24 books. it’s not that good, but i’m happy as i was able to follow my hobby while maintaining other free time. but i still wanna read more 🙂

school grades (?)

a’s and b’s ig

idk honestly.. this is embrassing…

anyways good bye lol

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websites i recommend all designers!!

hey guys! today is friday, so i have some time to post 🙂 anyways let’s get to the post 🙂 first website is what i use for design ideas

website preview

this website gives me random ideas to design, and here are some stuff i’ve made using it:

it helps me open up my creativity !

it helps me find color palettes for designs 🙂 here are some i made & and some others made


i hope this was useful! bye 🙂

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some of my designs!!

hey guys!!! been a little since i posted but i’m planning to post once or twice a week. anyways, i hope you’re doing amazing! : D

so here are some of my designs! (you can use them as desktop wallpapers to

for more designs, you can click these other blog posts i do have : )

these are a bit older..

have a great day!! see you : )

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how to change your highlighter/selector color :)

hi ! welcome back to my boring blog. before i get back to my normal posts, i wanted to post this tutorial!


  • open settings
  • click “ease of access”
  • click “high conctrast”
  • customize to these settings
  • change the “selected text to whatever color you want” (its the one in pink)

this is how it would look:

hope this helps, as i had to figure it out on my own beacuse i couldn’t find any other websites mention this. i mean there might be , but i havent seen any.

ps. some features might not appear with these settings.

goodbye guys. see you on friday/saturday! :)))

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life update!

hi! im inky

its been 45439508435904385 years since i posted. i miss my posting era.


it was my bd on nov 29, and it was so fun! also taylor swift made midnights, which was so good! and i have my exams next month 😦

anyways, i’m going to be posting more often

maybe like once a week !

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what i like about fall!

Hello lovely people! I’m back like I haven’t ghosted ya’ll! Sorry : / it was school. but anywaysss let’s get to the QOTD:

QOTD: what’s your fav season?
ATOD: anything but winter

so here are some things i like about fall:

in where i live, it does start to get windy (so i can wear my sweatshirts, sweaters, and cardigans) which is very nice 🙂 i have a very cute cardigan i’m so excited so wear as it gets colder.
weirdly enough i like school in the fall. it just gives me so much motivation to study when it’s fall.
omg this album is coming this october!!! SAD GIRL FALL!!
my birthday:
my birthday is in november 29, so i’m really excited to celebrate it !

thank you guys for reading! see you guys next week!

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august monthly overview!!

hi leaves! how are you doing?? i hope you’re doing amazing!

i don’t do enough of this series. so here is the monthly wrap up! : D

  1. blog stats~
  2. happiness
  3. booksss!
  4. physical health! : D

blog stats~

uhmmmmmm,,,, so um i barely have reach but it’s okay : ) i don’t blog to get famous that’s not my goal. i like being “unknown” it makes me feel like i’m the mysterious cool blogger : ‘ )



this was a great month : D i was kinda sad at the start but i got so much happier throughout the month ! so maybe an 8


i think i read two this month & the first was great : D but the second was kinda mid : /

physical health! : D

i didn’t get sick !!!! : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thanks for reading! i hope you have a great day : D

PS can you find the hidden song in the tags! hint: it’s by taylor swift!

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habits to start before school! (that actually make your life better fr!)

hey guys!

this is the “bIg pOsT” that i said i was gonna do!

so anyway

heres the list

brush your teeth everyday

now, not every one brushes their theeth thrice a day, but there’s people who brush their theth only a few times a MONTH. make sure to also clean your tounge too.

study your weaknesses

everyone hates this part but it’ll probaly pay off!!


this one will take some getting used to , but it’s a fun way to express your feelings


start showering every day, skin care, and hair care

(for muslims!) read more quran!

thanks for reading this weeks post!!