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some of my designs!!

hey guys!!! been a little since i posted but i’m planning to post once or twice a week. anyways, i hope you’re doing amazing! : D

so here are some of my designs! (you can use them as desktop wallpapers to

for more designs, you can click these other blog posts i do have : )

these are a bit older..

have a great day!! see you : )

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boring summer movies | the minion movie | Rise of Gru | star rating ✨

hello everyone ! Welcome back or welcome if you’re new ! todays post is a movie rating ! A few days ago , i went to the cinema and watched the minion movie!

what is the movie about?

it’s about a kid who dreams of entering a “supervillain gang “ who has his own gang of minions (lol) but the supervillains turn out to be terrible

star rating ?

🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻🫶🏻 it’s a good movie which was funny and entertaining! but defiantly is not directed for my age !

age rating ?

6-9 years old

thank you for reading ! see you next week < 3

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my summer bucket list!~<3



*i love being excited!!*

anyways, here is my summer bucket list : D

  • Travel to Palestine < 3
  • Picnics!!!
  • Go to Musems/Art Gallerys
  • Read 10 books!!
  • Get Accepted into a new school : c
  • Figure out what type of person I’m gonna be next year


uhm, well yea, that’s it for today!!

BYE < 33

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scratch 3.0 review! *****

hello! how are you guys doing? i’m doing amazing! (i did another covid test and it’s negative!!!) before i get into this post, kindly answer the question in the comments ! : )

QOTD: do you want a tutorial on how to make a cool code?

anyways, getting into the post..

looking coool

this is the scratch homepage. you can easily code with it.

why i rate it five stars

i take this app for school, and i love learing about tech and things like that. i’m not really into coding, like javascript coding and things like that but this app made it kind of fun : D and it has a really nice layout !

main features

these are the main blocks. you can do mostly everything with them

some of the features:
-show/hide feature
-play/stop audio
-audio sensing
-when to start the code
-loop feature
-stop all feature
sensing :
-ask&answer feature
– sense sprites/backgrounds
-math equations
variables/my blocks:
-make your own blocks
-total scores

other important features:

-the character which u can code. you can have one/many
-have different costumes you can edit
-you can add more
– you can draw them yourself too : )
-basically the background
-many templates
-you can also code according to them.

was this post helpful?

before i end this post, i just wanted to ask if u guys can please help me get to 100 followers! every since jan started, my views haven’t been as good! (not that i’m ungrateful ofc!!) so if you would like, comment, share or follow me, i would really love that! thank u! (also i’m looking to make more posts like this!)


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a genie story

inspired by

Nothing good nor interesting ever happened in my life! Ugh! I was so frustrated, angrily looking over at the grades on my laptop. It read 50/100 in Mathamatics. I didn’t even fail the exam, honestly! One look at my paper would tell you so. Question A, correct; b equally correct. And why did I get horrible?
‘This is Ava’s test,’ the teacher said, bored. But it wasn’t. Now you’re wondering who Ava was; well she’s a girl in my class. But she was terrible. Not to everyone; but to me. You’re also wondering; how did the teacher think she was you? Oh well, beacuse my name is Ava too! I had forgoten to add my second name,so she added mine to her test.
Now that you know where I am, let me get back in the story. My mom walked in, and I knew she knew. She didn’t say anything.
‘Why?’ I knew she wanted to ask. But this was all Ava’s fault. I know. It sounds irionic. Then I looked closer at my mom. Wait, this isn’t my mom! My mom was kind of dissovling; or should I say my ex-mom was dissoving. She didn’t have my mom’s pretty curls, nor her pink style. I screamed. What was this stranger doing in my room?
‘Hey. Calm down.’ The woman said. What was it with her. I saw her hoop earings, and green dress. She had elfish ears, and w-wings? I almost choked on air, and then noticed I was breathing; and couldn’t stop. ‘No!,’ I yelled; getting ready to attack. ‘Miss,’ she said quietly. ‘I’m a genine. You have one wish.’ I didn’t belive her.
‘Oh yeah,’ I said, grinning. ‘Make me three more wishes.’ She grabbed something like a cookbook. ‘That’s aganist the rules.’ Ms. ‘Genie’, said.
‘Okay, ‘ I said a bit dissapointed. ‘I wish for more genies?’ I questioned.
‘Also aganist the rules.’
‘I wish rules of this stupid book didn’t apply to me!’
She grinned; ‘also aganist the rules.’
‘ugh. ‘ I muttered. ‘Fine. I wish they would find out that Ava had stole my exam and added her name.’
‘Wish granted. I’ll be back to ask if there’s anything you need, 24 hours after this.’
The next day, I woke up; did my morning rountine. But I was in a good mood. Honestly. The part of me that belived in Harry Potter and Dinsey stories partly belived she would grant my wish. Anyways, I went to school like a normal day; and me and Ava were called into the office. Me and my classmate Ava, I mean. Not me, myself and I or something. I went down the stairs, and when we got there, Ms. Emily called her in first. I eavesdroped.
‘I know you stole Ava’s exam.’
‘OK, I did .’ Ava two replied. ‘So what?’
‘You’re getting suspended.’
‘Do you know who I am? My parents own this school, suspend me; and you’ll lose your job.’
She let her go, and called me in.
‘Why did you steal Ava’s exam and swap the names?’
‘What?’ I said, taken aback. ‘She did.’ We talked, a nd in her verison; I stole her exam; but turns out I accidently swaped mine with hers. Did she really think I was that dumb? ‘Ava just bribed you, with this stupid job.’ I said; but she cliamed I was a lier. I left the office angrily. I was suspended.
‘YOU LIER!’ I yelled l loudly. My mom wasn’t home and wouldn’t be till eight pm.
‘wwhat?’ the genie asked, clearly surpised.
‘Ava didn’t get any karma.’
‘You wished for them to know Ava stole your exam. Isn’t that what happened?’ I was about to say something, but she disappeared. I didn’t wanna face mom, and was sick of the day. I went for an early sleep, just like I did last night.
I woke up, dazed and tired. I checked my phone, and the date was November 3rd. Wasn’t before yesterday Novermber 3rd? I went to the kitchen, and my mom made breakfast and told me to get ready? But I was suspended. I ate the same breakfast as before yesterday. I studied the same lectures, everything went the same. I saw same grades as before yesterday; same everything! Was I going crazy? And then, the genie popped up as nothing ever happened. She said the same things; and I said the same things back.
‘Miss,’ she said quietly. ‘I’m a genine. You have one wish.’ I didn’t belive her.
‘Oh yeah,’ I said, grinning. ‘Make me three more wishes.’ She grabbed something like a cookbook. ‘That’s aganist the rules.’ Ms. ‘Genie’, said.
‘Okay, ‘ I said a bit dissapointed. ‘I wish for more genies?’ I questioned.
‘Also aganist the rules.’
‘I wish rules of this stupid book didn’t apply to me!’
She grinned; ‘also aganist the rules.’
‘ugh. ‘ I muttered. ‘Fine. ‘ But I decided to level up my game, and said; ‘I wish she got her Karama.’
The next day, which was the same time loop (ugh) Ava wasn’t at school. I saw posters around the school saying she was a fake and wasn’t even rich.
I was so surpised, and took photos of the proof. I had a normal day besdies that, and woke up the next morning on the same timeloop. I had again, a normal day; removing the fact that Ava now was still rich. But I found out something cool. The photos from an earlier part of the time loop were still on my phone! When I came back from school, I thought about it. Karma wasn’t really the answer, and maybe she didn’t need full pushiment. I mean, she wasn’t acatally rich and so she could get in big trouble. When miss Genie came, I wished for her to learn her mistake.
The next day, I woke up, and it was Nov 4rth! Yay! I was super happy and went to school, as known of my timeloops seemed real. It turned out I was oversleeping. When I went to school, Ava alpolized for how horrible she was and told me to please not turn her in. I didn’t. Me and her made peace, and now Ava and Ava are best friends.

thanks for reading!! i love you <33

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a new blogging schedule~ (yes i’m back! )

p.s. im trying things again

hey leaves, (don’t i just love calling you parts of a tree?) so today i’ll be talking about my new blogging schedule! i hope you are doing amazing, but before i get into it make sure to answer this QOTD!

qotd: are you a blogger? do you like it? why/why not?

aotd”: i am a blogger , and i really like blogging as writing is a nice way to express myself, and i’m planning to take something in jornaling when i’m older! (give your answers below!

so now let’s get into it

a new blogging schedule
i used to make posts during online school, during free periods, the break, right before school, and sometimes while focusing in class (mostly)
but my school is letting us go irl compeltly (expect for assignments) for i really don’t know how long till the school sets everything.
so i can’t do neither of all the things above now
soo, every weekend (fri and sat for me), i schedule seven posts, depending on this list:

each week will have a vlog & a podcast episode! although, i can be verry annoying and not follow this sometimes!
i will also write a short story 150-(850 words max) for you to read and enjoy.
a how to post (such as how to make cool featured images, how to think positive and more!)
review of the week | this can be for books, series, movies, podcasts, apps, and games.
lastly two posts that are random ideas :))

(open website to be able to see the poll below)

so yea, lastly i just wanted to thank you for all the support! love ya’ll! byeeee <33

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what’s in my iphone 💗🌸 (ios app list,) aesthetic set up + cover

hey!! what’s up?? i feel so much happier doing frequent posts these days 😭

so hi! today i’ll be showing u my phone, it’s case and apps :))

phone: iphone 7 plus, ios : 15.3.1

if you can’t tell, i’m writing this post from my phone, so it isn’t my best lol

so yea, i’ll be showing my lock screen, home screen, and control senter and the apps :))

how it looks

let’s get to my apps list:

apps ‼️🌸 ( most work in android + ios)

  • notion : phone & desktop planning and jornaling app
  • note full : taking notes
  • duolingo: u know the memes 🤠🤠😍
  • wordpress : where i host this site :))
  • capcut: making videos & editing
  • picsart : image editing
  • ibispaint: drawing app
  • pinterest: aesthetic images
  • spotify : music (best on desktop)
  • cloud music : download music :))
  • instagram : ..
  • yt :
  • boba story: aesthetic game, review in this website
  • two dots : game
  • worrydolls: tiny dolls that ease anxiety
  • emolog: cute mood tracker
  • shein: online shopping
  • widgetsmith: aesthetic widgets

thank you so much for reading ! i hope you enjoyed this post, and i’ll be making reviews for apps soon :))

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why i miss school during this holiday

hey! i hope you guys are doing amazing! today’s post is different, so how about i just get into it, but before i do so, i have a quick question:

QOTD: do you like the new fonts & image style (putting the tittle up and different images below) ? thanks!

so inky, why would you miss school when you’re in school?

i’m not. i finished second semester (i have three) exams. they gave us a two week break in between semesters :))

so what’s there to be upset about?

exams happened = results. = bad results = sad = sulks = can’t do anything to change what happened.

well, you don’t even like school so …

you also happen to have that right. but what i mean is, going to school; knowing i’m trying harder, and doing my best, and talking more often with my friends, is wayy better than piting myself in a two week break.

so yea :)) we’re getting to the end of this post, but before i go, please either reply to my question in the comments, or doing this poll