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how to change your highlighter/selector color :)

hi ! welcome back to my boring blog. before i get back to my normal posts, i wanted to post this tutorial!


  • open settings
  • click “ease of access”
  • click “high conctrast”
  • customize to these settings
  • change the “selected text to whatever color you want” (its the one in pink)

this is how it would look:

hope this helps, as i had to figure it out on my own beacuse i couldn’t find any other websites mention this. i mean there might be , but i havent seen any.

ps. some features might not appear with these settings.

goodbye guys. see you on friday/saturday! :)))

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what to do for self-care ! (boring summer series!)

hey leaves! Summer is a longer break from school and work which during, you can hang out with your friends, and travel far away! But a fun summer is never completed with a bunch of selfcare days! : D

  1. why is selfcare important ?
  2. what can you do during a selfcare day!
  3. suggest some topics below!

why is selfcare important ?

Going outside and socializing, even with your friends, can get draining! Even sometimes your body might be tired of the movement, and much more! If you force yourself to countuine, even when tired; sure you’ll look perfect and fun, but you won’t be happy!

what can you do during a selfcare day!

  • jornaling about your feelings
  • watching an episode of your favorite show
  • wear pajamas all day
  • stay in bed for a bit
  • read your fav book
  • 3 hours of screen time max
  • bake cupcakes
  • do some skincare
  • meditation

suggest some topics below!

thanks for reading! if you would like to suggest some more topics, i’d love to cover them! also i’m still not done with all the design suggestions, due to my blog series, but i’m gonna finish them by 7th July! thanks for reading!

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scratch 3.0 review! *****

hello! how are you guys doing? i’m doing amazing! (i did another covid test and it’s negative!!!) before i get into this post, kindly answer the question in the comments ! : )

QOTD: do you want a tutorial on how to make a cool code?

anyways, getting into the post..

looking coool

this is the scratch homepage. you can easily code with it.

why i rate it five stars

i take this app for school, and i love learing about tech and things like that. i’m not really into coding, like javascript coding and things like that but this app made it kind of fun : D and it has a really nice layout !

main features

these are the main blocks. you can do mostly everything with them

some of the features:
-show/hide feature
-play/stop audio
-audio sensing
-when to start the code
-loop feature
-stop all feature
sensing :
-ask&answer feature
– sense sprites/backgrounds
-math equations
variables/my blocks:
-make your own blocks
-total scores

other important features:

-the character which u can code. you can have one/many
-have different costumes you can edit
-you can add more
– you can draw them yourself too : )
-basically the background
-many templates
-you can also code according to them.

was this post helpful?

before i end this post, i just wanted to ask if u guys can please help me get to 100 followers! every since jan started, my views haven’t been as good! (not that i’m ungrateful ofc!!) so if you would like, comment, share or follow me, i would really love that! thank u! (also i’m looking to make more posts like this!)


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the best desktop note taking app for students! (available on windows 10&11!)

hey everyone! i think i’ll be going back to my old intro so hey leaves~! welcome back to another post! before i get into this post, you can answer the qotd if you want! : )

QOTD: do you have any online classes?
AOTD: not anymore : ( but i have math extra classes online

so what is this app?

the surpise is that is app is free, and is already on your windows device. say hello to … sticky notes : )

to get this app, you have to…

step one: search “Sticky notes” on your search thing

step two: open the app

click plus to make any notes!

why is the app so good?

it is very miminal, already on your device, and has many good features!

what are it’s features?

you can resize the window to be really small, or really big which is perfect for notetaking.

it has manyyy text options that are helpful to write with

different color note tabs!

many tabs you can open if you need multiple!

image options! you can even open them in a new page!

so yea! i hope you guys can make use of this! if you guys want an exact tutorial on something in the app, comment below! also, i don’t have windows 11 available on my computer so the app will look diffrent for windows 11 users! (i think)

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how i make my featured images! [updated for my new theme (sort of)!]

hey leaves! i hope you’re okay! today, i’ll be showing you how i design my featured images. i use a format that’s shown at the end of this post!

step one: pick a pastel color.

add two headings.

give both of them different fonts.

add your character

add related graphics.

watermark (optional as i don’t do it)

if you’re wondering, this is the format i use : )

thanks for reading!

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how to make your own character in canva (new update!)

hey leaves!! i hope you are doing great! today, i’ll be showing you how to make a new character on canva. before doing this process, make a canva account.

the steps:

find the “more button in the left side, and scroll down to find it” , when you do, click it

click the search button, search ” Character ” ,

click on it

look through the options, and click on whichever you like

you can get many options
press: “done.”
boom! a new character!

i hope you like this new feature! it’s pretty great :)) so yea, this is today’s post. goodbye!!

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How to write notes digitally (design)

Hey leaves, today I’ll be telling you how to write and design your notes. It’s a pretty easy process tbh. I’ll be using the app ibisxpaint aka the free version of ibispaint. So you wanna open the app, I’m not going to show how to use it, just screen shots and I hope it helps.

finally product:

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How to finish a to do list

Hey leaves, what’s up? So today I’ll be telling you how to actually finish your to do list.

Keep one for the entire day

So, when you wake up; get some paper and think to yourself; ‘what dois I want to dodo by the end of the day?’ Although,when you wake up you’ll feel tired and unmotivated; so what gives you more attention and focus to start the day. When writing on the paper, keep your handwriting neat.

Give yourself prizes

Giving yourself prizes keeps you motivated. Example: have breakfast after exercising. Unfortunately, when you look at a long list; you get tired and not want to start. So instead of too many items; start with 3.

So yeah Leaves, that’s it for now!

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separators you can use < 3

hey besties, so lately some blogs have been using separators. I thought I could make some for you all. I don’t really take all the credit; bc I used a site to get the symbols: I also used canva to make the 1st one.




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How I make my designs #2

Hey leaves<333 So my 1st part was covering canva, so now we’re covering kapwing~

Check out the first part:

Now, let’s get into this. I’ll be making the featured image for this post.

Search up: kapwing / or just use this link:

Click on: “start editing”

you’re going to get a page like this, just remove the images.

Now, go to the images tab. Make a search for an image: I usually go for a aesthetic images. Although, if you just want a bg color, search the color.

keep scrolling till you find an image that suits what you’re going for.

After that, go to the elements tab and find something that matches. If you don’t know, you can always scroll randomly and pick.

Now look through your work so far….. do you like it? Is there anything you can change? Is there anything you want to remove? If you want to remove everything, reapet the other steps.

I didn’t really like mine, so I re-did all the steps. you can add more elements that match the style.

Now that I like it, and I don’t want it too be too messy, I’m going to add text

Now add “header text” And add your post name : )

press the text color button.

using the font button, change it~

Now export it.