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*very* important news

hey leaves , how are you doing ? i hope you’re feeling great : D recently i’ve been quite bored with my content , and i’m guessing you have been too .

QOTD : what is your favorite ice cream flavor?

recently , i’ve been thinking of also doing a mini picture diary for my blog , but don’t worry , i’ll still mainly upload my normal posts

just trying out different things

i might not enjoy and change it

thanks for reading !

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birthday haul! :)

hii leaves! sorry if i didn’t reply/like all your comments, since yesterday was a pretty big day! as I think i already said in the last post, aka yesterday’s that I would make a haul post today! super exciting right? but first I’ll get into the “ultimate surprise of guests & presents”

ultimate surpise of guests and presents : p

so yesterday, I wasn’t expecting any kind of stuff, because my parents said that they had ordered me a gift, but the mail didn’t arrive yet, and when my dad& older sibling went outside, they were tryna rescive it and miserably failed. i was kinda disappointed, but not that disappointed. i was just going to settle on a cake & hanging out with my family. after an hour after i dressed up for my celebration, it was almost 9 o clock, and i heard a knock on the door. and guess who it was? two of my friends. :> i was like, wait, what? and then we hung out as my older sister, and my parents prepared the celebration. anyways, when i finished thanking my other family members for wishing me a happy birthday, i got my presents! so I’ll be showing the presents. also, my friends got me a present! and turns out my family was lying about the order thing, and when they were getting the mail, they were getting me a present. nice, right?

well, moving on to the grand presents:

my friend’s present i guess

okay, ignore the trashy background. so firstly, since i like drawing and painting they got me a canvas! super excited to draw something hopefully gorgeous in my own eyes. the canvas has a very small size, which is good! and two of them! like people are so nice ahh :)) then, we’ve got a headband, i mean i think it’s a headband, i haven’t opened it yet. but it’s stunning, and i just love it. lastly, we’ve got a stress ball which i guess says something about my anger issues in real life lol. i will probably be using this when i start school again!

my younger sibling’s gifts! (thanks broskies!)

oki! so we’ve got some makeup! i guess this is a sign from them to stop stealing my older sister’s makeup, but anyways, it’s really good tbh! we’ve got some concealer, which has a lot of well,,, liquid? i also got some lipstick, which looks like a really good shade! next, I’ve got some lip gloss? i think. it’s really looks like a pretty color and am so ready to use it. lastly, we’ve got mascara, which is actually good news bc i really like putting on mascara, but i hate getting it off.

my parent’s + older sister’s gift!

books! : ) ahhh! don’t we just love new books! the way i already had planned wanting to make these my December reads just made reading them a whole lot easier! if you’ve been on my blog since early nov, you know how i finished “the lost hero” and “Segie and storm” which means i get to finish the sab trigoly, and start cinder series, and of corse read the second book of hoo series! which I’m exertamly excited to do! I’ve been reccomed these books alteast once! very excited! :))))

is your birthday soon? + what is your fav present of all? i like them all tbh! + what do you think i should paint on the canvas? (go easy on me please!)

byeee leaviess!

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a small party~! 🍄✨

(ahh fairy wings are just sooo cute…) hii leaves! guess who’s birthday it is! it’s mine! how are ya’ll doing? today is, 29.11.21, and it is my birthday!

you: how old are you turning?
me: I’m,,,, turning.

well, I haven’t done an age reveal yet. anyways, as I said, today is my birthday! this is just a short special, where I talk about mushrooms, frogs, fairies, elves, cottagecore, fairy core, and whatever *that* aesthetic is.

okay, leaves, my favorite things are: elves, if I was a creature, I would be an elf, if I did magic, I would be a fairy, I never ate a mushroom, but mushrooms are actually stunning! disagree, I’ll wait,,,,. have you seen the sparkles of the fairy core aesthetic, with the water, pastel colors, and wings. just picture this, okay?? you’re on a swing, and it moves with the fall wind, as you listen to all too well (Taylor’s version) [from the vault] and you really enjoy the background music, aside from the rain dropping your wings. the gorgeous lake is moving slowly, to even more sound. your cottage house is close, and the lake is sparkling literally. you are wearing your wings, and your elfish ears have heart earrings. your are wearing heels, and above your gorgeous baby pink (with a little dim grey) dress, with mushrooms on it, there is one of these *gorgeous* fall shirts. wait what was there name again? well, these fall sweatshirts that are brown and light brown. you have the power of the moonlight, supporting you. you feel so relaxed.
now, iNhAlE and eXhAlE. okay??? but isn’t that such a good scence.

this post really reaching an end, huh? well have a good day, and iNhAle aNd eXhAlE. okay, but breath. please. uwu. :] well, if you REALLY liked this post, check out some of my others below 🍄✨ and lastly, can ya’ll spam my comments? I’ve seen multiple bloggers do that < 3

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it’s been 180 days!

hiii! omg, I’m so excited for this post! so, I’ll just get into it! if you’ve been wondering, ‘what is 180 days?’ it’s basically 5 months, but let’s ignore that because it’s actually 6 MONTHS AHH. *play’s the 1d song called night changes?* IDK it’s named tbh.

well, if you’ve followed me this month, and own a blog [not a website] you might be lucky(?) I guess, since i decided to steal these blog’s logos and just make a thank you on them.

so, I’ll just show you.

if you’re wondering what the date is for, it’s the date you followed me! i know it’s kinda stupid, but I didn’t know what to do(?)

meh! I’m really happy to just have been using WordPress for so long! so, since it has been 180 days, I wanna see how many posts I currently have.

*applause for me uploading almost every day *****

Let’s play a game! ▶

in this game, *squid game music plays* I’ll be making five or more comments on this post with questions, like a kind of theard, and then you can answer the question, and if people have already answered, then reply with your thoughts!


me: what is your fav food? + why?

you: ice cream! bc,,,,,

so leaves, this post seems to be ending, but good luck with the game!

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happy early birthday to me!

hii leaves, welcome back to my circus. so today’s post is going to be about my birthday, happening in a week from now. well actually, I guess 8/9 days since it’s on November 29th? Meh. I’m pretty excited about my birthday, but I kinda don’t wanna grow in a certain way, you know what I mean?

so tbh, I don’t think I did much of an age revel, and I’m probably not planning to anytime soon, but I’m a teen so I guess that’s kinda all you have to know meh 🙂

well anyways, I just know this a short post as I’m VERY busy with my upcoming math exam today. well ur probably like, “that’s it?” well, yeah I’m just asking for birthday wishes on my birthday 🙂



  hours  minutes  seconds


inky’s amazing birthday~🎂❇

pretty, huh?

bye leaves~ I’ll be adding a little to this post later, such as a featured image!

p.s. my new blog button! I’ll be updating it on my page soon!

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red taylors verison out+ small uptades!

this post was originally written on 12/11/21. and there's alot of clowning.

red taylor’s verison

hii leaves, welcome to this circus! and i’m the clown. aka the swifte. bc i was clowning earlier today as i red taylor’s verison was coming out tonight evening, and not last night. so i did alot of clowning 🤡 today :)))) *fake smiles and puts thumb up, meaning i’m NOT OKAY WITH THE ALL TOO WELL TEN MINUTE VERISON AS IT HIT ME LIKE A SHOTGUN SHOT IN THE HEART :((( AND IT WAS BLUE LIKE I NEVER KNOWN.

wow. that was a reaction,. anyways, before i get into this, answering the QOTD would be nice!

QOTD- what’s your fav taylor swift song?

so here we are. red taylor’s verison being out and me adding it to my playlists. : – ) as i should 👏 to be fair, to be fair, i never finished the entrie album and now i have so many tracks to finish :’ ) like oh lord save me, so i’m going to be putting some lyrics from red :)))

And there we are again, when nobody had to know ,You kept me like a secret , but I kept you like an oath. :(((((

-taylor swift, all too well tv

we learnt to live with the pain, mosiac broken hearts, but this love is brave and wild.

-taylor, state of grace

love is a ruthless game.

state of grace

like the colors in autum, so bright just before they lose it all.

taylor, red.

breakfast at midnight.

taylor, 22

this isn’t a album review, since i didn’t finish it lol 🙂

and then there was this thing she said in an interview i think, about the the color red, but i cant find it. ._. YES I FOUND IT

me uptade-

so i made a podcast eposide on thursday, and i currently have exams. so check my eposide out below

and bc of my exams, i might be less active, but i suppose i’ll TRY to upload. and if you want a free logo, check this post-

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squid game- show review

well,, uhh this is a very late post under some circumstances it wasn’t my fault alright?? i just won’t get into it.
hii leaves, it’s me inky and welcome to the circus with one clown; and that’s me : ). so let’s get into this!


Squid game broke the intrent, we all know it. Red light, green light. First game. Eposide 6, breaking everyone’s small hearts. It’s a great show, alright? I’ll give you a short low-key explaination, [low-key spolier free]

“Gi-hun, the main character is in debt. When he’s offered to play children games to gain money, he’s more than happy to play. But when reality strikes and they get into an unkown location, maybe the games aren’t as innocent as he thought. “
yup, i wrote that. pretty good, right? So this show revoles around a bunch of children games, and a deathly track to it. The games consit of 567 players, and only one will get out alive. but who?


Stars- ****.60
reasons- It’s a great show tbh, and I would give 5 stars if I watched the entire thing. I didn’t. But to be fair, I watched enough clips to i guess fairly watched the show. I also know the entire plot and I think everyone should give this show a try.

Trigger warnings-
gunshots, death, blood, curse words, childhood games that you’ll never play the same, dolls, kill, knife, gun, yea i think that’s it.

Reasons to watch-
~it’s a netflix show.
~pretty characters.
~its a koren drama.
~it broke the interent.

i think it’s a great show tbh, like everyone should watch if intrested. it’s the most poplaur show on netfilx as i’m writting this. it’s just- too good to be true 🙂

bye~ have the best day!

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piggy book two chapter 12~

note- even if you don’t know piggy, you can still read this post. and to know more about it, check this page.

litterally 60% of this post will be pasted from this page, so i just wanna give really big credits. :- ) and yes i don’t post much gaming, i just felt like doing it. i do it like once a month : )

hey leaves, inky, your new bestie! : p, today i’ll be talking about the new piggy chapter- bc it’s gorgeous, [even though i played it once, and died i still know things,,, right??]

Lab is the twelfth and final chapter in Piggy: Book 2 and the 24th chapter overall in the entire game, following Camp. This chapter marks the end of the Piggy storyline, and everything else will continue on into Piggy: Intercity. “

-piggy wiki.

in this chapter, we start the final ending of book two, and then it’s carried to intercity.

there are five endings, but the piggy people only found 4 endings. the 5th ending is the true ending, and they’re in current prosses of trying to find it. i saw a theroy saying that maybe you have to do all chapters first, but we’ll see. :-))

each ending has a name. we’ve got-

  • tigry saviour
  • saviour willow
  • surviour willow
  • surviour tigry
  • true ending?

Characters- [piggy wiki info]

Player , Penny Piggy , Willow , Tigry , Giraffy (Willow Savior) , Mimi (Willow Savior) , Zee , Zuzy , Georgie , ??? (Tigry Savior) , Mary (Tigry Survivor) , Pony , Kona (Credits) , Penny (Credits) , Mother (Credits) ,Father (Credits) ,Dessa (Credits) , Doggy (Credits) , Teacher (Credits) , Doggy (Credits) , Kenneth (Credits) , Bunny (Credits) , Mr. P (Credits) , Robby (Credits) , William (Credits) , Daisy (Credits) , Zizzy (Credits) “

– piggy wiki

the amount of links in here is kinda sus.


here are all the endings.

check this video out by a piggy youtuber

my recations-

tigry savriour-

at the start it feels kinda werid to be helping tigry, and i kinda trust willow ya know? and then when tigry said to take the cure, am kinda concred and i thought he would tell us that his friend died :/ and then we left willow to die?? and now i’m worried. pony is infected??? no,no no i rember the part in the docks. he was hit by an infected. and then this line happens-

and then we leave pony :(( and the sad credits play

willow savriour-

ah, another day, more willow attudite. it’s chill though. well she’s not too concred about tirgy anyways. then we go to pony, and the scene low-key reapets and am sad now. :(( and another pony line-

and then willow bytrays us. and then she comes back? am kinda surpised now, but then she gives pony and gives us one of her lines-

“As much as I hate to admit it, you’re… neccersay.”

oooo ~ ship~ uwu. and then giffray was back! 🙂

tigry surviour ending-

we talk to tigry, obviously. then we go over to pony, and get hit! :c we’re infected too :c. but thats what we think, we’re acally immume so im kinda chill. then pony admits. he did give doggy the potion. i feel pretty ok right now, but it still hurts me. the ending. and pony brings us another of his lines-

willow surviour ending

it’s about the same as the other willow one. but in this one, she doesn’t come to help pony and now it’s kinda over. pony’s dead. i kinda saw it coming, but it still hurts alot.


“Missing an eye, but why?”

Mr. P is a joke to the scientific community. I mean, look at what he’s done to our once beautiful world! Now it’s on us to fix it, how wonderful.”

“In here. They can’t find us in here. We’re safe.”

“Time is running out, but we need to work on this fast. I think we’re onto something. Our first sample reduced the aggressiveness of a subject.”

“As soon as we finish the creation of the cure, we are issued an evacuation order. I’m convinced that this is due to some corruption in the Military. It’s a plot against us.”

“I’m sorry.”

– piggy wiki yet again!

so that’s it leaves! bye for now~

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beauty expectations-

hey leaves, welcome back to sosooorna’s boring blog, simply a boring blog. [i really need to change that intro.]

today i’ll be talking about beatuty expectations, privallges, following, and probaly more!

but before we get into this, answer the QOTD if you want to 🙂

QOTD: what are your thoughts on pretty privallage?

i’ll spilt this in chapters.

how does a “pretty” person look like?

in early ages, fat-shaming started. which is very wrong ofc. but i’m metioning this as in beatuty expectations, it’s been moved from you health to being skinny. non of these make you ugly, but it’ll make you unhealthy 😦

thats not even the worse part. there are many young girls who want to look “pretty” so they strave themself. thats the worse part. :/ if you’re straving urself, please stop 😦

nevertheless, skinny people still get shamed. but being really skinny is a beatuty expectation.

clockwise body. the next one is a clockwise body. you see ur sand clock? yeah that. the expectation wants your body to look like a sand clock. i know it sucks. so i’ll explain the struture.

your head has to be small, and your boobs are supposed to be big, like really big. then your stamch is so flat. then your legs and thigs have to be skinny. from the left, your butt has to be really big. blonde, blue eyes. very small ears. no glasses.

socitey’s reacation-

there is alot of socitey that doesn’t like it. but hypocrites do exist. i might mention clebs, but im not shaming them.

this is kim. just keep it with you that i’m not shaming her. i’m calling out socitey. why did she get so many followers? it’s bc she matches the beatuty expectations. she’s famous bc she’s pretty. [no hate to her.]

this happens alot for ppl who are famous. such as charli, bella porch as more tiktokers i guess. all of them are pretty, they get fame. [yet again, no hate. im just saying there’s a patteren.]

and they might even end up being bad ppl :c. but they’re pretty. so i feel like if you wanna be famous easier, you have to be pretty.

subtittle- search results

another way to find out about this is to do these searches~

all of them are white, blue eyed and mostly blonde.

now its girls with bigger faces, bigger eyebrows and bigger noses? the more you scroll, you literally start seeing black people. like why is that ugly? black people are pretty 🙂

notice how they all are wearing glasses [mostly] and now there’s much more brunnet people.

now we see the expectations.

lasty, we’ve got brunnets for working?

subtittle- more privallages

since we’re going with the stranders, we have white people, that already gives a privallage. so i thought i had to point it out.

anyways, the next privallage is random free stuff? when you were a kid, did anyone randomly give you free item from their shop bc ur so pretty? yup, thats what happens


we all watch cartoons as kids, right? but have you noticed all most non of them don’t match the beatuty standers.

images below are not mine!

notice how not matching the standerends makes a character, evil, mean, stupid, and “ugly.” tbh i think her sisters are pretty.

Image result for cinderella

meanwhile matching them makes you smart, pretty, amazing, forgiving, kind and litterally every good trait in this small world??

the end~

so leaves, how did you enojy this post? since it was a little negtive, i’ll try to make a postive post tommrow~

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small uptade~

hey leaves, welcome back to sosooorna’s boring blog, simply a boring blog.

today i’ll be giving a small low-key life uptade, but before we get into this, make sure to answer this question if you want too! 🙂

QOTD- what is your favroute nickname someone made for you?
AOTD- my own~ probaly inky!

so anyways, let’s get into this! you’re probaly thinking; where is inky? so i’ll be giving in some detial i guess why i haven’t been posting! Tuesday- i really would have but my interent was so slow like what. a short example is canva would not load any of my images it was like, “no interent connection,” plus i really didn’t feel like posting.

Wednesday- i had done some travel, which was why i was really busy. maybe ill post a small photo dump. i had gone to a villa, and it was really fun. although it was kinda small if i’m being honest.

Thursday- not really same reason, since i had spent Tuesday and Wednesday at a villa but i had a little going on as it was my sisters birthday, but i mean it is today but i celebrated it with some of her friends at the mall with her. plus, i’m low-key friends with her friends so we’re close. anyways, i also had a math test i did at six pm and i left to celebrate at almost eight.

so now i’m back! i’ll be posting a prompt tommrow, for the three am writting contest and make sure to submit your entries before 25 october, 8:00 pm AST.

bye leaves~

small uptade: yes, i’ll try to uptade my homepage by monday, i just have alot going on for the past few weeks. sorry for the delay!