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how to change your highlighter/selector color :)

hi ! welcome back to my boring blog. before i get back to my normal posts, i wanted to post this tutorial!


  • open settings
  • click “ease of access”
  • click “high conctrast”
  • customize to these settings
  • change the “selected text to whatever color you want” (its the one in pink)

this is how it would look:

hope this helps, as i had to figure it out on my own beacuse i couldn’t find any other websites mention this. i mean there might be , but i havent seen any.

ps. some features might not appear with these settings.

goodbye guys. see you on friday/saturday! :)))

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august monthly overview!!

hi leaves! how are you doing?? i hope you’re doing amazing!

i don’t do enough of this series. so here is the monthly wrap up! : D

  1. blog stats~
  2. happiness
  3. booksss!
  4. physical health! : D

blog stats~

uhmmmmmm,,,, so um i barely have reach but it’s okay : ) i don’t blog to get famous that’s not my goal. i like being “unknown” it makes me feel like i’m the mysterious cool blogger : ‘ )



this was a great month : D i was kinda sad at the start but i got so much happier throughout the month ! so maybe an 8


i think i read two this month & the first was great : D but the second was kinda mid : /

physical health! : D

i didn’t get sick !!!! : ))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

thanks for reading! i hope you have a great day : D

PS can you find the hidden song in the tags! hint: it’s by taylor swift!

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a new summer themed series!! < 3 (short post, exciting news though!)

hello leaves! (i can’t believe i’ve been using this for like almost a year!) i hope you guys are okay! my grades didn’t come yet, but i hope they’re good!! anyways, looking at the image above you’re probably thinking; “why is it so random?” well, the blog is going to get a whole fresh new look, with a new character, a blog re-design, different fonts, and newer and better posts; and i did not want to spoil the surpise!!

why? if you didn’t already read the tittle; it’s a new blog series! so i don’t know if you were reading my posts last year, but somewhere during summer i started the boring summer series. sosooorna’s boring blog, boring summer. see the reference? so it had some book reviews, some…wait what did i even post-

never mind. just don’t look into it as i was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cringe : ‘ ) so this series is also going to be the boring summer series, which will include poems, short stories, book reviews, music reccs, mini vlogs, and lot’s more! Follow along to join me!

During this week, I’ll be doing all of these changes! please stay patient : D thanks for reading!

Love ya’ll!

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inky’s custom contest | all entries so far : ) | + deadline |

🙂 flower + ruby aren’t my images

hii! long time, no see! here are all of the entries + the deadline and info! if i didn’t mention your post, you can comment below!

here are all the ones i think i read, although no i’m not sure :)) sorry if i didn’t mention yours, i probably would’ve accidently forgot bc i have the WORST MEMORY EVER lol

anyways, so

DEADLINE : march 7



  hours  minutes  seconds


deadline :3

p.s. (updated on 21.2.2022) i just wanted to thank you all for the views & support even thru my lack of uploading. i’m currently in the break before exams, so then i’ll be super busy , so during this break when im not studying, ill be scheduling posts hopefully such as: i upload on 20, 21 no uploads, and then 22 will be a post : 3 thanks alot for 95 followers! all of your support makes me so happy, and i don’t think i’ve ever seen a mean blogger, which makes me love the blogging community! < 3

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inky’s custom contest!

copyright credits- the ruby and flower are not my own images

hi leaves! todays post is this long awaited contest! i promised a contest coming, but i couldn’t think of any good ideas. then i thought; what if i let people decide what they want to do?

yes, you’re probaly confused right now. so, basically ; think about it. do you have a hobby? maybe writting, painting, designing, jornaling, and lastly; baking.

it’s limited to all these options. basically this contest is an exuse to show your work, and possibly win for your category . or maybe you can win the entrie contest.


  • add the featured image on the start of the post (but you can make your own design, and place mine at the end.
  • follow the selected categories: writting, painting, desiging or baking.
  • max three entries (but you can only win one)
  • for writting, max words is 350. it also has to be family friendly.
  • for painting+ deisnging ; make sure it’s kid friendly. if you’re unsure; send it over to my gmail.
  • when paste (ing?) the logo; make sure to add the copyright credits. (caption)
  • use “inky’s custom contest” tag in the post.

nominations- (open nominations)

i’ll be tagging some of you guys, and tag some of my fav blogs soon. but if you like this so far, please don’t hesitate : )

kind words,
inky !

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make assumptions about me! :)

hii! so if you converted the code of my last post, the word was assumptions! sorry, i had to hind towards this post and i’ll hint to the next one in this one too : > it’s fun tbh :)) i think so well anyways, let’s get into this post!

assumptions time!

so basicaly, you need to go into the comments section, and think to urself, what do i think inky would look like? her favs? and then, for example you’ll comment: “i think you wear glasses” and i’ll respond in a later post. i’ll be putting the rules below!


  • don’t say anything too personal, such as “i think ur age is” since i’m not very comfy with saying so
  • keep your question kind! :))
  • respect everyone below!

so yeah, why not comment below ur thoughts, thanks!


(lol no it’s not over!)

first, we need to talk about how pretty this color sheme is:))
next, we can talk about a hint to my next post: (a cont-) you need to complete the word to find out! :)) i think it’s pretty easy


-inky! <33

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what’s it like to be a blogger, a writter, a designer, a bookworm, and a b+ student.

loong tittle checkk hiii leavies! what’s up? in today’s post, i’ll just be talking about my life.

so what is it like to be all of these stuff? it isn’t as hard as you think it is. these are hobbies.

a way i’m able to do this, is my school hours start at 8:45. so if i wake up earlier than that, i’ll have enough time to write a blog post, and design a featured image. (and by eariler than that i mean 7:00, as my computer is too slow i’ll have to turn it on at 7:30) and at that same time, if my computer is slow, and it’s boring; i’ll just read while i make the post. here, at that very same time: i’m a designer, a blogger, a bookworm. then, i’ll join my classes and work hard on trying to focus (well there is one expection) here again, i’ll be a student then. i also just wanted to mention that i don’t write stories everyday, but i write a bit to whatever i have written in my notepad app. after school, i’d be either reading, doing my chores, or just hanging out w family. (or making fake scenarios but we won’t get into it) at 4:00 (my school ends at 1:10) i start doing my homework, till 5:00 (if it’s a monday or a (satruday?)) or if it’s not, then till 6:00 (but if it is, i’ll do my math extra classes till 6:30) after my homework/ classes, i’ll make a blog post (if i didn’t already!) and then at 8:00, i’ll have some free hours where i sketch/draw werid stuff, (but i didn’t mention it in the tittle, as i’m not an artist) and i sleep around 11/12. not very good, but it’s better than when i used to sleep at 3.

sorry if this post was kinda short, i’m currently vlogging my day for tommrow (which this vlogging thing does get tiring) also, today’s my friend’s bd so i’ll probaly be spending time w her : ) wait, i forgot to mention, the b+ student thing: i got a b last semester, (i’ve currently started semester two this week) which was actally a 89% (which is so close to a, just one mark)


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a big new announcement! ~ (ft. mushrooms)

hi! today’s post is realllyy exicting and i hope you are ready for,,,, A NEW BLOGGING SERIES!! the more you think about it, how much do you know about me? not alot. (well, unless you stalk me or something) but no. i won’t add up to that infromation, buttttt, i will be giving ya’ll a good ensighlt into my own life so you can know me well, and get *some* of your questions answered. (also, if you don’t know who mushrooms is, check out my other blog, here! it is my alt, and also an extra just incase i lose this one! but, i *might* upload something on it, this week!) moving on, i am so exicted to tell you about this!!!! : p :)))

now that we’re here, let’s talk about it! yes, i will use these two fonts above! (i haven’t used many new fonts since august, i think i only did once) so this is gonna be soo fun! trust me, it’ll be worth reading > also, i’ll be making a new character, which i’ll try to make more fit for not only my real looks, but my blog vibes! superrr cool, right? :]] well, moving on, other than that, this series will have alot, just me, showcasing how i live my life, and why it’s really fun tbh! life is worth living, broskies :)) [if you dk what a broski is, it’s kinda like bro + dude at the same time] so yeah!

sections! we got a pretty long series coming up, so i split it up in sections. let’s just say, one of them is vlogs, and another is about life, and ________________________ *spoliers lol * i can’t say much on this, but just stay tuned! on all 3 blogs, retterday, the one i linked above, and this one! trust me, following them will grant you werid stuff in your reader!

i really *hate* how this post is coming to an end,,, too quickly. butttt, i really have alot to do, and alot of vlogs to make! also, this blog won’t be all this series, most likely. i’ll be making a normal post tommrow, and comment: mushroom, if you really liked this post! bye! :>

QOTD: what is your fav mythical creature?

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day in life with inky! [a vlog!]

day in life vlog- a gif

hii! i’ve been wanting to make this post for soooo long! :)) so i’m really exicted to give you a day in life vlog~ but, before i get into it, i have a question for you and a reminder that i only put the best parts of my day, so no my life isn’t as good.

QOTD- do you think social media is fake? why?

9:15 – woke up, and started procrastinating
9:35- really needed the bathroom, so i went and stopped procrastinating
9:45- got some water, and feel pretty good!
9:52- getting dressed, and I totally didn’t try eating my new lip balm. And weirdly enough, it tastes pretty bad. am about to write a to do list.
10:15- currently turning on my computer. Am so excited to be making another post though Idk what to write about. So I’ll just check my reader. light bulb turns on
10:36- finished making the featured image!! What do you think? I really like the background image
10:45- finished writing the post, am about to put the featured image and publish!
10:55- guess what just happened? I got a #spotifywrapped for my podcast! it was so cool! I advice anyone with a podcast to check that out 🙂 anyways I gotta get breakfast
11:24- I just had breakfast! Yum 🙂 it has pretty good tbh, a cheese sandwich with some milk and a gauva next to it! lemme tick things off my list
12:34- currently did some online shopping with my sis for new clothes (bc bro I have clothes that I still wear from three years ago)
01:04- since IDK what to do, I’ll check my list and do something for once 🙂 two minutes later okay so it says to watch YouTube so leesgo. two more minutes later* I have no wifi connection ugh :((( two more* yess! It worked
1:59- well, guess who has to,,,, ugh,,, study? me. Well, I’ll also get myself so thing to drink, am so thirsty. see you in two hours or so? I’ll write here if something happens.
3:20- OKAY, so i finished studying but I have an extra 40 minutes to just enjoy. I studied about weird stuff, and my sister just returned from the dentist after a two hour visit. And they got donuts!! five minutes later* mom said I have to eat lunch first lol :c
4:06- currently am about to have lunch, while eating corn flakes :))
4:26- still waiting for lunch?? :} meh, anyways, I wrote a little bit on my tablet and I’ll see y’all soon.
4:49- yum. I said, as I ate some chicken, enjoying my meal. Well, guess who’s sitting at the kids table,since guests are here? Well my meal tastes good 🙂
5:14- I finished eating , yum now I gotta go do my chores! which won’t be very fun, yet I wanna be positive about it :))
5:26- luckily. I’m quick at cleaning bathrooms. So anyways, I suppose I’ll look at my to do, and then go and join the guests :> wish me luck. but before I go, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for 100,0 likes! like what?? you guys are so amazing, and tbh I really didn’t think people would notice my blog when I made it! reminder that you guys are amazing and live your lives to the fullest!!
5:41- yummwh! am currently about to eat one donut and it looks good! I’ll see you in a few minutes!
6:13- OKAY so I’m currently talking with my sibling about stuff, and I’ll back in a few minutes to start,,, ugh,, my studying session.
7:22- currently waiting for my research on gaslighting to print. Well, I’ve been on the web for the past hour maybe? So I’ve been busy to write here.
8:33- finally done with studying, drawing, and designing and let’s not say that I watched YouTube videos too. mehhhh. let’s just say am not the most productive person on the planet. Now let’s find something to do.
9:11- so I’m currently making a weekly speard for my bullet journal, for the last half hour or so. I think it’s going pretty good so far.
9:32- it’s so pretty y’all. I love it. Well now,I have to find sm to do :).
10:05- chile, so i had some cereal as I was kinda hungry, and I watched some yt, I’m currently still recovering from a “look what you made me do” lyric prank. :> it was pretty funny tbh, and if you want to watch it, you can search up: look what you made me do lyric prank funnybunny. should I make a post listing my fav youtubers.
Nothing fun happened after that, so i didn’t type anything here 🙂

so leavies, this is quite it! i just wanted to say, that no, i wasn’t on my computer all day and typed this out on the notes app of my tablet! lastly, thanks again sooo muchh for the support ya’ll give me! :)) <33 i love ya’ll :>


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birthday haul! :)

hii leaves! sorry if i didn’t reply/like all your comments, since yesterday was a pretty big day! as I think i already said in the last post, aka yesterday’s that I would make a haul post today! super exciting right? but first I’ll get into the “ultimate surprise of guests & presents”

ultimate surpise of guests and presents : p

so yesterday, I wasn’t expecting any kind of stuff, because my parents said that they had ordered me a gift, but the mail didn’t arrive yet, and when my dad& older sibling went outside, they were tryna rescive it and miserably failed. i was kinda disappointed, but not that disappointed. i was just going to settle on a cake & hanging out with my family. after an hour after i dressed up for my celebration, it was almost 9 o clock, and i heard a knock on the door. and guess who it was? two of my friends. :> i was like, wait, what? and then we hung out as my older sister, and my parents prepared the celebration. anyways, when i finished thanking my other family members for wishing me a happy birthday, i got my presents! so I’ll be showing the presents. also, my friends got me a present! and turns out my family was lying about the order thing, and when they were getting the mail, they were getting me a present. nice, right?

well, moving on to the grand presents:

my friend’s present i guess

okay, ignore the trashy background. so firstly, since i like drawing and painting they got me a canvas! super excited to draw something hopefully gorgeous in my own eyes. the canvas has a very small size, which is good! and two of them! like people are so nice ahh :)) then, we’ve got a headband, i mean i think it’s a headband, i haven’t opened it yet. but it’s stunning, and i just love it. lastly, we’ve got a stress ball which i guess says something about my anger issues in real life lol. i will probably be using this when i start school again!

my younger sibling’s gifts! (thanks broskies!)

oki! so we’ve got some makeup! i guess this is a sign from them to stop stealing my older sister’s makeup, but anyways, it’s really good tbh! we’ve got some concealer, which has a lot of well,,, liquid? i also got some lipstick, which looks like a really good shade! next, I’ve got some lip gloss? i think. it’s really looks like a pretty color and am so ready to use it. lastly, we’ve got mascara, which is actually good news bc i really like putting on mascara, but i hate getting it off.

my parent’s + older sister’s gift!

books! : ) ahhh! don’t we just love new books! the way i already had planned wanting to make these my December reads just made reading them a whole lot easier! if you’ve been on my blog since early nov, you know how i finished “the lost hero” and “Segie and storm” which means i get to finish the sab trigoly, and start cinder series, and of corse read the second book of hoo series! which I’m exertamly excited to do! I’ve been reccomed these books alteast once! very excited! :))))

is your birthday soon? + what is your fav present of all? i like them all tbh! + what do you think i should paint on the canvas? (go easy on me please!)

byeee leaviess!