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How I stay motivated to blog

hey leaves, it’s me again! On a free period. Today I’ll be telling you things YOU can do to stay motivated

  • Talk to your readers
  • Blog about good things, and what you like
  • Don’t do it for views, (if you dont get any you’ll be disapointed)
  • Read others blogs and get insipired
  • Do it everyday
  • But don’t tire yourself too much
  • Don’t do it like a chore
  • If you’re sturgging to get views, comment on others blogs and do re-blogs.
  • NO REALLY do re-blogs:they help me get views

that’s all my tips! also i might be writing a short story soon so stay tuned!

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Back to school full guide: being more productive, apps, what to buy, and more~!

hey leaves, Inky right here~ So I want to name this post: Inky’s back to school guide: what to pack/ glow up/ how to do deal with things/ studytube reccs and more.

So let’s start with “how to glow up” but naturaly, for school year. Now most ppl are getting in-real-life school nowdays I think. So some ppl would *love* a glow-up. Honeslty, this will be natural glow-up. (can this please just be pictures-)

ppl to watch while studying/ references/ and insiprations

ppl to watch:

Refernces& insiprations:

podcast (for more and explaintions):

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How I make my designs (1)

How do I make my featured images? How do I make this sites images? How do I design it all? This is my guide to making these. The site used for this part is canva. in part 2, I’ll show kapwing. So stay tuned~! Moving on, this is how I make them! (I’ll be making the featured image for this post)

So after going to canva, search “facebook cover” bc it’s an okay sized one.

Next you can check the templates, if you like them you can use them; but I’ll skip for now.

Next, click the blank page. A smalll rainbow button will pop- up. Click that so you get to change the color.

I went with this sparkling blue color. Next, go to the elements.

After going there, think to yourself “what would match with my deign?” Rember when I said *sparking blue*? Let’s make it sparkling then!

Now search whatever would match, I went with sparkling stars! If you see something you like, click on it! If you can’t think what would look good with your design, look through the graphics buttot~!

Using the same way of the background, change the color.

If you made an account, you can upload an image, if you don’t I reccomed you to make one!

I put my character in the deisgn now!

Now, let’s not get to messy! Let’s just add text!

Same way of the color, find a font and type!

After doing so, look at your deisgn; is it missing anything? I feel like mine is, so I’ll add something!

Okay, much better now! You can add a watermark. but mines already in the outfit!

Before you go, make sure to download it!