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what’s it like to be a blogger, deisnger, writter, and a b+ student (a vlog) [2]

guess who made a late post? bc it’s the weekend and her sleep schudule is messed up? not me. me lol. :’ ) well, this is the 5th? post of get to know the blogger series, and the 4rth vlog. well, this is most likely gonna be the very last vlog (expect for one more) and then, i’ll be talking about my lifesytle, and how i keep up with life and stuff. now, here’s the vlog!

my day- a gif (speeeddd)

6:55- wake up
7:30- so i got ready, and I’m engeric so I’ll just check out my blog and write a blog post 🙂
7:53- I’m currently making the featured image, which I’m hoping is pretty ❤
8:32- me just published the post, which is part one to this post. My school starts in 13 minutes, so i put water on @y table so i don’t get thirsty. Wish me luck for my school day, this is my second vlog of online school
8:53- uwu currently am in class, and my teacher is explaining shifting decimals to percentages, though it is pretty easy.
9:04- me and my class just did an entire question of exercise b, a to l. Like why are the questions so long? The question before it was literally till n, like Lord save me
9:28- my teacher literally took my five min break during classes, and I have one min left till geo so ima explain today’s schedule bfr I join; so i have got: math, done, geo , Islam, English, arabic history and lastly science so wish me luck :]
9:53- geography class is kinda boring </3 😦 saram With the emojys °•°•°•°•°•°°
10:15- next class up here is deen
10:27- in DEEN class, still felling tired :/ at least I like the class 🙂 like that’s something
10:34- ughhh I’m so tiredddd I can barely even hold my eyes open but I’m still answering questions :/
11:01- lets ignore the fact that I slept for ten minutes during class and then someone screamed and my heart is beating so hard. The period started two @minutes ago, but I’ll try some breathing first
12:01- i forgot to write in my vlog lol 🙂 so lol i guess. anyways am currently in my arabic history class which isn’t really bad also my heartbeat is ok :))
12:17- as I said in my online school vlog, this teacher is veryyy good at explaining :
12:41- I’m about to join my science class so wish me luck! :)) also, if you are still reading this post say “frogs!”

12:55- about fifteen minutes till end of school, and broski, isn’t this a long vlog

1:54- school ended, and for the past hour or so I’ve been chilling. Well, I’ll check what chores I have:
2:46- so I recently cleaned the bathroom, and I’m currently eating lunch.
3:48- yay me! well, over the hour I just watched yt and my mom made me do some chores. :;> my mom also wants me to get ready to hang out with my friends
4:00- currently reading ruin and rising while brushing my hair, I’m so excited to see my Bestie! If you like this post, tell her a happy bd in the comments! :))
4:44- so everyone is ready to go, and we’re about to leave, we won’t get into my losing my shoes and my mom magically finding them.
4:55- ten mins later, we’re at a taxi, writing this and taking a pic. am soo excited to go :))
5:38- upgrade is that they are late, so I’ve been just texting and making a card, I’m about to just read
5:54- I finished listening to all too well tv for the billionth time, and am about to listen to set me free/ secret/ cruises so yeah!
6:21- talked to a classmate of my sister’s since she was also supposed to come, and my Bestie still come.
6:37- yess! she arvied and we’re currently hanging out!

so, this is where the vlog ends~ after that, me and her just hung out! again, this was yesterday, so wish her a *late* happy birthday, so yeah! :)) i hope you liked it! since this post is also reaching an end, i just want to thank you for all the support you’ve given me! i’m so grateful for you guys, and for every nice comment on my blog, i really get happy! so thanks so much! (and yes, the annoucemt hasn’t got out yet!)


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what’s it like to be a blogger, a writter, a designer, a bookworm, and a b+ student.

loong tittle checkk hiii leavies! what’s up? in today’s post, i’ll just be talking about my life.

so what is it like to be all of these stuff? it isn’t as hard as you think it is. these are hobbies.

a way i’m able to do this, is my school hours start at 8:45. so if i wake up earlier than that, i’ll have enough time to write a blog post, and design a featured image. (and by eariler than that i mean 7:00, as my computer is too slow i’ll have to turn it on at 7:30) and at that same time, if my computer is slow, and it’s boring; i’ll just read while i make the post. here, at that very same time: i’m a designer, a blogger, a bookworm. then, i’ll join my classes and work hard on trying to focus (well there is one expection) here again, i’ll be a student then. i also just wanted to mention that i don’t write stories everyday, but i write a bit to whatever i have written in my notepad app. after school, i’d be either reading, doing my chores, or just hanging out w family. (or making fake scenarios but we won’t get into it) at 4:00 (my school ends at 1:10) i start doing my homework, till 5:00 (if it’s a monday or a (satruday?)) or if it’s not, then till 6:00 (but if it is, i’ll do my math extra classes till 6:30) after my homework/ classes, i’ll make a blog post (if i didn’t already!) and then at 8:00, i’ll have some free hours where i sketch/draw werid stuff, (but i didn’t mention it in the tittle, as i’m not an artist) and i sleep around 11/12. not very good, but it’s better than when i used to sleep at 3.

sorry if this post was kinda short, i’m currently vlogging my day for tommrow (which this vlogging thing does get tiring) also, today’s my friend’s bd so i’ll probaly be spending time w her : ) wait, i forgot to mention, the b+ student thing: i got a b last semester, (i’ve currently started semester two this week) which was actally a 89% (which is so close to a, just one mark)