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story graph app review- rotw

hey! welcome back! sorry for the delay, i’ve been focusing on studying more lately, but here i am! today’s post is about an app, but before i get into this i just want to say when you’re done with this post GET OFF THE INTRENT AND DO SOMETHING IN YOUR LIFE THAT DOESN’T REQUIRE SCREENS. OK that was rude, but really, go hang out with your family, play with your younger sister, pray to Allah (i mean if you’re Muslim) read a book, go out for a walk, and if you can, invite a friend over, or come to their house.

ok so story-graph, is a book app in which you can add books to your to be read, books you read, your book goals, and look at other’s.
it’s really nice, and helpful.
you can even add books that aren’t in the app already

so this is why like it . i say four stars, just beacuse it doesn’t have the best security. but honestly, it’s really good, and you should install it.

thanks for reading dear besties!!

byee <33

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no thoughts, just pusheen// + dissuction questions

her. < 3

thoughts about the book

hii everyone!! today i’ll be reviewing the comic; “i am pusheen the cat,” surpisingly i have 4 cats like her. well, for me and my siblings. my youngest sister got pusheen, me and my other siblings got copies of her with diffrent colors.

i got an orange one and her name is toby. (when we were choosing, i orginaly wanted pusheen) anyways, i was looking for books to read; and i found “i am pusheen the cat.” i decided, cat comics sound fun. p.s. if you want to read cat comics aside from the book; check out this website (with merch!!)

most recent comic

aside from that, this book was a 30 minute one seating read. it was simply amazing, and honestly i 90% rec


stars: ****/*****

age rating: 8+

discussion questions

  • i loved the sibling era. what was your fav part?
  • do you have any merch?
  • fav part?

thanks for reading! have a good day, and live your life well !! : )

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how i make book review covers-

i think it’s my best so far

hi leaves! in todays eposide, i’ll be making a book review that i’ll be using later in a post. so let’s get into the steps!

starting with this image, you have to pick a sutiable color. i would either use yellow/pink for the book shown below, but you have to thinkof the book as a color. like, if this book was a color? or a significant color in your book.

search up your book, and paste it onto a postion. my fav is on one of the edges : )

for the rating, you can use either emojy search or graphics search to find any star. i use the one with the sparkles.

next, i start coloring the stars. theres below the books colors and i use them to sytle it up.

these colors ^

then you paste and copy your things inside the star place.

next upon, you search up an item that reminds you of the book or gives you a vibe. you can put it in a good postion/

now, we do the text. you’ll need two fonts. start with your base font, and write “book review”

then, use your second font; and write the name of the book.

results are above!

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i went book shopping [book haul 2]

i love this image yes inky you just outdid yourself

hii leaves! if you’re wondering, this is not a part two to an older haul, a new one but it has the same tittle and simlar featured image as an old one and i wanted to point out it wasn’t the same lol : / anyways, last weekend i bought six books beacuse there was a buy one get one *free* thing at a local bookstore. ikr. what a good sale. plus the expensive books were free : ) so lucky me
which means that instead of buying two books each like me and my sister usaly did, we bought three each⚟ now let’s get into the books!

the books lol

nice pink right?

let’s start from below. the mark of athena had a pretty cover tbh, and the plot was amazing! (ok you got me i finished a book before making the book haul) but come of it, rick rodrion books are the best and comfrot books! i won’t talk much about this book since i’ll be making a book review soon! kingdom of the wicked has such a pretty font and who designed that cover?? i’m looking forward to reading this book soon! tbh, idk much about this book except that people recomed it and that there’s a kingdom, but…. most books with kingdoms are 3/4 stars so weeee! holding up the universe : i think this book is probaly close the the one i most want to read since it sounds so cool and has a really good tittle. moving on, a heart so firece and broken. this one alsooo reallyyyy sounds interseting from the back, i can’t say much about it but wish me luck in reading it ig? the couple next door > idk if i’ll be reading this one soon, since it sounds super intresting, but horror books/ movies are usaly not my thing.

so these are the books i bought! what do you think of them?>
QOTD- book you bought recently?

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my top reads of two thousand twenty-one

i don’t own the book covers that are shown below lol 🙂 thats all

hii! welcome back!! i litterally cannot belive this year is over tbh> it feels like it’s only been eight months so far and CLEARLY not twelve. there is alot to look forward to coming from new year, you can check that post linked below at the end of this post to find out what >

well anyways, i exceeded my goal of twenty books with two books. :)) i know, not alot, blah,blah but still : > i was in a reading slump for what; half this year??

now let’s get into the books : p

turtles all the way down was an excent read. it talked about a girl with mental health problems, who stuggeled to live her own life in peace. a thought spiral comes her way. this book of romence, mysery yet lighthearted was amazing. (yes, OK I SOUNDED LIKE ONE OF THESE REVIEWS ON THE BACK OFF EACH BOOK, BUT REALLYY IT’S AMAZING!! AND I WANNA GET FEATURED ON THE BACK :)) ] book review here

ruin and rising. what can i say? it’s simply amazing. i remeber at the time where i was reading this i uploaded on my private story: we’re happy free, confused confused confused confused and lonely in the best way.
bro wasn’t i right?> grishaverse is confusing lol : ‘) mixed with magic, power, hunger, strengh, war and darkness. this book is great, and a perfect read to those who care about power.
“what is infine?”
“the universe and the greed of men.”
~are we not all things~
~//everybody wants to rule the world//~ (tears for fears song)
check out my review for shadow and bone here.

gosh, i am lazy and i will upload a part two tommrow! :)) byeeee happy new years eve for most ppl! <33

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book’s i’ve been reading recently

clealy not my dec reads

hii leaves! welcome back to my blog! </ 3 (the broken heart looks more like a heart then the heart) anyways, let’s get into my dec reads!

the son of neptune (hoo series book two) and ruin and rising (sab series 3rd and last book)

okay,we got the sun-sorry son of Neptune, as in the second book of Heroes of Olympus series (five books, and read the pjo series first) > it’s a really good book. it’s nice that I started my month with this book tbh. I did that back in Nov and I’m hopefully gonna be able to get my “the mark of Athena” copy by Jan, which is the third book. anyways, back to the book I rate it 4.5, it’s a really good book but I feel like 5 stars would be a lie✨ the book is elite, but just when I got used to the characters lol :>
moving on, we got ruin and rising, the book my girl Leigh ended the sab series with. it’s the first Grisha book (knowing I only read the sab series) to get 5 stars ✨ it’s an amazing book, super underrated! speaking of the Grisha verse (is that how you spell it?) I’m planning to read king of scars since I’m not ready to leave ravka yet. I’ll probably start reading soc (six of crows) when I’m done with that series. ruin and rising are the best sab book, I love the character development, and the ending was soo great!

cinder (the lunar chrincoles) the demon in the woods (the Grisha verse short darkling prequel) all this time (short standalone)

next, we’ve got cinder. a great re-writing of Cinderella, people say it has something to do with star wars since it takes place in the future; but I never watched star wars so IDK: / lol anyways, the book was a fast read and a really good book. it was my third read this month and it was amazing. I would rate it,,,,, 4.5 stars ✨ yet again! it definitely could have been a bit better and I don’t like its cover. but something I’m looking forward to is reading scarlet, but the book is sooo expensive. IDK if scarlet is gonna be about the little mermaid or the girl with the bows, but am excited! ✨ last but not least is the demon in the woods (30 pages prequel) which is 4 stars in ✨ book. there’s not much to say about it other than spoiling the book so-
the last book is all this time (aLwAyS) which is a short romance book. it is about 200 sm pages? and the authors are the ones who wrote five feet apart, so I had good expectations tbh! a lot of people said this book was gonna be better than five feet apart, which is soo true! it is an amazing book, totally recommend it!

so, what are you’ll waiting for? add these books to ur tbr and have fun! trust me, if you read them, you’ll have a really good reading month! that’s it for now, but answer the qotd and check out my posts below! ✨
QOTD- what is the most recent book on your tbr?

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cinder book review + book talk!

hii leaves! today’s post is gonna be a book post since i haven’t done one in a while! i’ll be making a reading uptade soon, but this is gonna be a book review. before i get into it, i just want to mention my recent assumptions post, in which i sadly got assumptions but from the same person (thanks btw!) so if you haven’t already, check the post out!

before reading thoughts-

i started this book a few days ago, right after finishing the demon in the woods, and for the past *year* it’s been on tbr. my fam got it for my birthday almost a month ago, so i was exicted to read it.

about this book-

cinder is a mechanic, who doesn’t really understand why her stepmom hates her. she’s doing her job when she see’s the prince, and he’s like; “ayo, can you fix this for me?” and then we go from working at her job to realising there is some kind of virus and then someone close to her,,,, gets the virus. then,,, (nevermind that is enough info) well we go to realise that there is a lot going on.

and no, it’s not the virus verison of Cinderella


so i’ll be giving thoughts on the characters themselves, in smaller subttiles bc: … anyways, let me get into this.

cinder: a really cool character, she kinda raditaded pick me vibes at the start, but i really love the way she reacts to everything. she’s really brave, and does stuff for the better. i also think she’s really pretty. she thought about her siblings and cared about them, while hating (lol spoliers nvm)

the prince: my fav character, like bro wanna be friends?? he was very funny thorughout the book and made it fun to read. he doesn’t have much about him, but he’s really humble and sarcastic. “how am i acting blind to an issue that i never even heard of??” anyways, he’s also a really good character and a good love interest.

pov: you can’t talk anymore about characters without spoling the book :))

why i rate it **** stars + age rating and trigger warnings

here ok, i’ll start out with age rating and trigger warnings: 12+ and here they are according to storygraph:

Graphic: Death, Terminal illness, Child death
Moderate: Emotional abuse, Ableism, Death of parent
Minor: Gun violence, Blood, Violence

so why do i rate it 4 stars? well it’s a great book highly based on the plot. i tbh wish i read it sooner, and even though the plot twists felt kinda predictable, which is like the only wrong thing w it, but they still felt shoking. i love the way melisa wrote this book, and i hope you do too!

so yeah leaves, this post seems to be ending! i hope you enojyed it, you can check out my other posts below and have a great day!

QOTD: what is the recent book you’ve read?

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November monthly overview-

hii leaves! welcome back to my circus(yet again!). before I give ya’ll a qotd, and kindly ask you to answer it, I just wanted to thank all of you for the birthday wishes! :> <33 they were so amazing & I got a lot of comments, and I couldn’t reply to them all so I liked some of them. thanks again! you guys were a big highlight of my birthday! (and yes, I do know the image says “ocober” !)

QOTD: time is passing fastt. what month does it feel for you?
AOTD: it’s still October, and everyone’s talking about exams.

let’s just get into this!

-health : )

health was better than october’s. for physical, I went to the denist twice, to remove a cavity and was okay. i keep hearing weird vibration in my ear though, which idk about. okay, so I asked my mom, and she said it was because I wore headphones for a long time, and I had to use them lesser, and that was normal. for mental, it was pretty good : p

-events <33

well, we had red (taylor’s version) on november 13, which was a veryyy big event for me (should i stop talking about taylor swift?) i made my blog 6 months ago, on novermber 26, which i made a post about! and lastly, we got my birthday on November 29! so yeah, loads happened! :))

-blog stats (monthly!) 🙂

not almost as many as in oct, but i got wayyy more likes! like you guys, 281 likes for 24 posts?? :] ily

for comments, these definetly blew up on my birthday 🙂

podcast stats (all time!) : p

well, on this month i got more than 38 plays on the pod, and i made 4 eposides! that is alot thank you! ~ if you follow this blog, and haven’t listened to my podcast you can search up: “inkyleaf” on spotify, google podcasts, anchor or more.

-goals done? :]

er; well i wanted to reach 70 followers, again, didn’t get there but we reached 65! so following this blog would be a favour! another goal, was when my school results get in the mail, i don’t get a c, (which i never did but i really worried) i got a b, so that’s one done! :)) another was to read 3 books, which i ataclly read four, and i’ll be mentioning bellow

-books read + bought <33

so in early november, i bought 2 books, i won’t be going into it, but for deep look into these books, check this post! and then, at my birthday, i got 3 for a birthday gift [i’m currently reading one!] and i talk about them here. and for my reads, i read four which were: the lost hero, seige and storm, turtles all the way down, the midnight library. i’m still in the process of making reviews.

since this post is reaching an end, have a great day, and live your life beacuse you deserve it! :)) <33

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GIF-Y tag!

yes,i’m re-using it

hii leaves~ so i was planning on making a coming soon birthday post, bc i’m self-obbessed. but i was like, wait nvm i have a tag to do. so i deiced to do this, BUTTT,,, i re-used my old fetured image i used in july/june for it. AND ALSO- CLOWN MASK WARNING

it’s pretty, isn’t it?

QOTD- have you ever done a tag before?


>Mention the creators Tiction and Nehal.

>Thank the person who tagged you and leave a link to their blog.

>Use the tag #gif-y-love and choose a GIF you love for each of the provided prompts.

>Tag at least 5 people.

thanks blue, for nominating me! here’s your post! and yes, sadly i don’t like gifs either! but i use them for memes and stuff so i guess i kinda like them! : ]


i’m bored.

current mood








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