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cinder book review + book talk!

hii leaves! today’s post is gonna be a book post since i haven’t done one in a while! i’ll be making a reading uptade soon, but this is gonna be a book review. before i get into it, i just want to mention my recent assumptions post, in which i sadly got assumptions but from the same person (thanks btw!) so if you haven’t already, check the post out!

before reading thoughts-

i started this book a few days ago, right after finishing the demon in the woods, and for the past *year* it’s been on tbr. my fam got it for my birthday almost a month ago, so i was exicted to read it.

about this book-

cinder is a mechanic, who doesn’t really understand why her stepmom hates her. she’s doing her job when she see’s the prince, and he’s like; “ayo, can you fix this for me?” and then we go from working at her job to realising there is some kind of virus and then someone close to her,,,, gets the virus. then,,, (nevermind that is enough info) well we go to realise that there is a lot going on.

and no, it’s not the virus verison of Cinderella


so i’ll be giving thoughts on the characters themselves, in smaller subttiles bc: … anyways, let me get into this.

cinder: a really cool character, she kinda raditaded pick me vibes at the start, but i really love the way she reacts to everything. she’s really brave, and does stuff for the better. i also think she’s really pretty. she thought about her siblings and cared about them, while hating (lol spoliers nvm)

the prince: my fav character, like bro wanna be friends?? he was very funny thorughout the book and made it fun to read. he doesn’t have much about him, but he’s really humble and sarcastic. “how am i acting blind to an issue that i never even heard of??” anyways, he’s also a really good character and a good love interest.

pov: you can’t talk anymore about characters without spoling the book :))

why i rate it **** stars + age rating and trigger warnings

here ok, i’ll start out with age rating and trigger warnings: 12+ and here they are according to storygraph:

Graphic: Death, Terminal illness, Child death
Moderate: Emotional abuse, Ableism, Death of parent
Minor: Gun violence, Blood, Violence

so why do i rate it 4 stars? well it’s a great book highly based on the plot. i tbh wish i read it sooner, and even though the plot twists felt kinda predictable, which is like the only wrong thing w it, but they still felt shoking. i love the way melisa wrote this book, and i hope you do too!

so yeah leaves, this post seems to be ending! i hope you enojyed it, you can check out my other posts below and have a great day!

QOTD: what is the recent book you’ve read?