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where did i go ? i’m back!

hi! how are u guys ? this time i actually have an excuse for my silence : ) i was traveling ok??

yes i arrived a week ago, but i was unmotivated well now i’m back so .. get ready for more posts !! see yall tomorrow!’

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my summer bucket list!~<3



*i love being excited!!*

anyways, here is my summer bucket list : D

  • Travel to Palestine < 3
  • Picnics!!!
  • Go to Musems/Art Gallerys
  • Read 10 books!!
  • Get Accepted into a new school : c
  • Figure out what type of person I’m gonna be next year


uhm, well yea, that’s it for today!!

BYE < 33

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a new blogging schedule~ (yes i’m back! )

p.s. im trying things again

hey leaves, (don’t i just love calling you parts of a tree?) so today i’ll be talking about my new blogging schedule! i hope you are doing amazing, but before i get into it make sure to answer this QOTD!

qotd: are you a blogger? do you like it? why/why not?

aotd”: i am a blogger , and i really like blogging as writing is a nice way to express myself, and i’m planning to take something in jornaling when i’m older! (give your answers below!

so now let’s get into it

a new blogging schedule
i used to make posts during online school, during free periods, the break, right before school, and sometimes while focusing in class (mostly)
but my school is letting us go irl compeltly (expect for assignments) for i really don’t know how long till the school sets everything.
so i can’t do neither of all the things above now
soo, every weekend (fri and sat for me), i schedule seven posts, depending on this list:

each week will have a vlog & a podcast episode! although, i can be verry annoying and not follow this sometimes!
i will also write a short story 150-(850 words max) for you to read and enjoy.
a how to post (such as how to make cool featured images, how to think positive and more!)
review of the week | this can be for books, series, movies, podcasts, apps, and games.
lastly two posts that are random ideas :))

(open website to be able to see the poll below)

so yea, lastly i just wanted to thank you for all the support! love ya’ll! byeeee <33

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what’s in my iphone 💗🌸 (ios app list,) aesthetic set up + cover

hey!! what’s up?? i feel so much happier doing frequent posts these days 😭

so hi! today i’ll be showing u my phone, it’s case and apps :))

phone: iphone 7 plus, ios : 15.3.1

if you can’t tell, i’m writing this post from my phone, so it isn’t my best lol

so yea, i’ll be showing my lock screen, home screen, and control senter and the apps :))

how it looks

let’s get to my apps list:

apps ‼️🌸 ( most work in android + ios)

  • notion : phone & desktop planning and jornaling app
  • note full : taking notes
  • duolingo: u know the memes 🤠🤠😍
  • wordpress : where i host this site :))
  • capcut: making videos & editing
  • picsart : image editing
  • ibispaint: drawing app
  • pinterest: aesthetic images
  • spotify : music (best on desktop)
  • cloud music : download music :))
  • instagram : ..
  • yt :
  • boba story: aesthetic game, review in this website
  • two dots : game
  • worrydolls: tiny dolls that ease anxiety
  • emolog: cute mood tracker
  • shein: online shopping
  • widgetsmith: aesthetic widgets

thank you so much for reading ! i hope you enjoyed this post, and i’ll be making reviews for apps soon :))

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reacting to your assumptions about me!

hiii leaves! welcome back to another of my posts! so, in this post i’ll be reacting to assumptions about me (i’ll be uploading a podcast verison soon!) so let’s get into this!
stara’s assumptions:
you are shy but talk a lot when you get to know someone
you love to read
you love to blog
you love listening to music
you love nature
mushhhroooom! (thats an assumption too😂😆
-okay, kind of yes but also no tbh like; i think i can have a convo with someone that i barely know, but like i talk alot when i find out they have simlar interests: like if they said they loved taylor swift; then we’d be talking for a longgg time :))
-yeah tbh! music is kinda my therapy at this point. like the cheap verison. like stream taylor’s evermore/folklore or the song by rosie: never the 1 and you’ll be crying. but not about your problems : p
-nature is reallyyy pretty and yes, do i love it? yes. do i take photos of it and feel alive in it? yes. do i inhale the amazing air? yes. would i live in nature? no lol it’s too far from the world :’ ) and it’s expensive :))
-me shakes hand mushrooms
thank’s so much for your assumptions!
thepastelbicyle’s assumptions:
-You like cats
-Taylor Swift is your favorite pop singer
-You like hosting contests
-Green is one of your favorite colors
.cat’s are super cute and amazing! <33 i love cats and i used to have one (no it didn’t die) but i had some travel for a month, and the cat reallyy got depressed so we had to take it to another family bc it wasn’t eating or playing. :((
.yes! she’s my fav singer, and I think she’s really good at any genre! (oh no, now i’m gonna talk about her for the next hour!) like i loved her pop in red and 1989. really, i think that 1989 is kind of underrated. like only blank space and shake it off get the attention. (i mean, have you listened to wonderland?? or clean??) ok fine i’ll stop :))
.yea uwu
.ya’ll are really good at this! green is one of my fav, like pastel and leaf green. < 3 i also like pastel blue, pastel pink and any color mixed with grey!
thanks for the assumptions!
so these are my answers : ) if you enojyed this post, well, i have a question for you!
QOTD: what song do you have on repeat?
that’s it for now! check out my recent posts below! byeee <333

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2022: what to expect!

do i use purple too much? mehhh, anyways hi leavies welcome back to sosooorna’s boring blog, in which i made posts. WELL COME OFF IT I MAKE POSTS. i just wanted to say, this post is going to be shortt, but soon i’ll be making a longer more talking post than uptade logs ig? anyways, let’s get into this post and i’ll tell you what to expect:

what to expect:

  • a contest every month or 2/3
  • a blog redesign by jan 13
  • wow this color
  • book posts
  • three to four series
  • weekly day in life vlogs
  • monthly wrap ups
  • more eposides on podcast (inkyleaf)
  • weekly wrap up’s on podcast

re-desinging times

  • new year blog re-design
  • spring re-design in half of march
  • one year of blogging mini re-design on may 20 something
  • summer re-design july
  • fall re-deisgn late oct/nov
  • winter re-deisgn dec

six times in one year sounds good, right?

podcast uptades:

  • eposides weekly
  • cover re-make
  • weekly uptades

so here we are! all new year accnments done! i’ll be uploading a podcast eposide soon :))

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let’s do a q&a, shall we?

old featured image lol :)) (also we’re currently somwhere in 3000 now :]])

hii! inky on her keyboard five minutes before class :> so in today’s post, i’ll be asking you for questions about me for the gtktb series (get to know the blogger series)

so i want ya’ll to give me some questions, and i’ll give you answers in the part two!

sorry since this post is short, but i currently have 3 minutes till class :>

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happy birthday to…evermore! <33

short post, but hey! my last post was like 700 words, so don’t come at me :> well, anyways, this post is a challange for taylor to notice evermore & for everyone to understand that evermore is better than folklore : ) i also made this post as a short break from my series! missed my old font and character? (well, i’ll probaly be changing fonts after the series anyways)

QOTD: what is *your* fav track from evermore?>

i think evermore is a great album with really good songwritting. it has good music, and taylor’s voice is just so good : p

now, i’ll rank all the tracks from evermore (check out my spotify, will you)

spotify user- illiac iris

here is a bridge from chamgepange problems that won’t leave my poor head:
this dorm was once a madhouse,
i made a joke, well it’s made for me now
evergreen, our group of friends,
don’t think we’ll say that word again,
and soon they’ll have the nerve to, deck the halls that we once walked through
one for the money, two for the show.
i never was ready so i watch you go-

well, it’s longer than that, but i’ll shut up. so leaves, that’s it for today. lastly, i’m going to link my spotify acc.


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dentist vlog-

this post was written 4 days ago, but i added the gif today, so i published it today.

hii leaviess! Welcome back! Or welcome I guess if you’re new tbh. Well anyways today’s post is a vlog in which I have images + many enterys on every few minutes 🙂
so here we go!

12:44- i just left the house and am feeling pretty ready! I hosted brushed my teeth and am feeling good I guess. I’m in a taxi, and am waiting to arrive there.
1:08- OKAY so I’ve been there for a few minutes, still feeling pretty good. I checked my wordpress and took a picture for this vlog. I’m getting pretty bored so I’ll see what I can do!
1:22- OKAY, so i went to the kids playroom, no, I’m not that young but i was REALLY bored so i had to do something. I took one picture and i might come back to get one more, but I’ll share what happened. I made a word in the places scrabble? set which was “yes” and then i went to the horses ride thing which you see in the picture and i saw kid trying to pull the ride since it doesn’t work which had me and two other kids. i guess I knew the kid was struggling, so since i wasn’t a kid, i put one foot down of the horse, and helped the kid pull. I’m really good at making kids think they’re good at stuff? idk lol. I’m gonna go and take an other picture, and just walk around the place.
1:51- hello? I thought I was late, but I’ve been waiting for a little,,, meh. In this time I got myself water, and I watched some youtube.
2:15- ayo?? it’s been a while right? and am still waiting lol like someone save me. OMG as i was typing this i got my turn. I’m currently laying on there, but i keep getting interrupted and i can’t type. Since, I went in early Nov, they already know what to do and they just put an entire needle in my mouth and am diying lol. Well not really, but the feeling sucks. its currently 2:27 so when i write, ill make it on a different time.
2:34: so they started putting these thingys in my mouth that remove and saliva and stuff, and Idk about you, but i think they’re amazing tbh. They put liquid in my mouth and hold on. we’re done??? that was so quick and for what? meh I’m just happy we’re done tbh.
2:39- in the elevator rn.
2:43 about to go to my apartment’a elevator ???
2:46- am in my house, washed my hands, took off my shoes and am about to take my socks off.
I survived!!!

woow that was a lot… Well i survived! so yeah, this was kinda a diaryish entry. did you enjoy this post as much as i did? Then comment: DENTIST and check out my recent posts!!

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birthday haul! :)

hii leaves! sorry if i didn’t reply/like all your comments, since yesterday was a pretty big day! as I think i already said in the last post, aka yesterday’s that I would make a haul post today! super exciting right? but first I’ll get into the “ultimate surprise of guests & presents”

ultimate surpise of guests and presents : p

so yesterday, I wasn’t expecting any kind of stuff, because my parents said that they had ordered me a gift, but the mail didn’t arrive yet, and when my dad& older sibling went outside, they were tryna rescive it and miserably failed. i was kinda disappointed, but not that disappointed. i was just going to settle on a cake & hanging out with my family. after an hour after i dressed up for my celebration, it was almost 9 o clock, and i heard a knock on the door. and guess who it was? two of my friends. :> i was like, wait, what? and then we hung out as my older sister, and my parents prepared the celebration. anyways, when i finished thanking my other family members for wishing me a happy birthday, i got my presents! so I’ll be showing the presents. also, my friends got me a present! and turns out my family was lying about the order thing, and when they were getting the mail, they were getting me a present. nice, right?

well, moving on to the grand presents:

my friend’s present i guess

okay, ignore the trashy background. so firstly, since i like drawing and painting they got me a canvas! super excited to draw something hopefully gorgeous in my own eyes. the canvas has a very small size, which is good! and two of them! like people are so nice ahh :)) then, we’ve got a headband, i mean i think it’s a headband, i haven’t opened it yet. but it’s stunning, and i just love it. lastly, we’ve got a stress ball which i guess says something about my anger issues in real life lol. i will probably be using this when i start school again!

my younger sibling’s gifts! (thanks broskies!)

oki! so we’ve got some makeup! i guess this is a sign from them to stop stealing my older sister’s makeup, but anyways, it’s really good tbh! we’ve got some concealer, which has a lot of well,,, liquid? i also got some lipstick, which looks like a really good shade! next, I’ve got some lip gloss? i think. it’s really looks like a pretty color and am so ready to use it. lastly, we’ve got mascara, which is actually good news bc i really like putting on mascara, but i hate getting it off.

my parent’s + older sister’s gift!

books! : ) ahhh! don’t we just love new books! the way i already had planned wanting to make these my December reads just made reading them a whole lot easier! if you’ve been on my blog since early nov, you know how i finished “the lost hero” and “Segie and storm” which means i get to finish the sab trigoly, and start cinder series, and of corse read the second book of hoo series! which I’m exertamly excited to do! I’ve been reccomed these books alteast once! very excited! :))))

is your birthday soon? + what is your fav present of all? i like them all tbh! + what do you think i should paint on the canvas? (go easy on me please!)

byeee leaviess!