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a new summer themed series!! < 3 (short post, exciting news though!)

hello leaves! (i can’t believe i’ve been using this for like almost a year!) i hope you guys are okay! my grades didn’t come yet, but i hope they’re good!! anyways, looking at the image above you’re probably thinking; “why is it so random?” well, the blog is going to get a whole fresh new look, with a new character, a blog re-design, different fonts, and newer and better posts; and i did not want to spoil the surpise!!

why? if you didn’t already read the tittle; it’s a new blog series! so i don’t know if you were reading my posts last year, but somewhere during summer i started the boring summer series. sosooorna’s boring blog, boring summer. see the reference? so it had some book reviews, some…wait what did i even post-

never mind. just don’t look into it as i was veryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy cringe : ‘ ) so this series is also going to be the boring summer series, which will include poems, short stories, book reviews, music reccs, mini vlogs, and lot’s more! Follow along to join me!

During this week, I’ll be doing all of these changes! please stay patient : D thanks for reading!

Love ya’ll!

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my summer bucket list!~<3



*i love being excited!!*

anyways, here is my summer bucket list : D

  • Travel to Palestine < 3
  • Picnics!!!
  • Go to Musems/Art Gallerys
  • Read 10 books!!
  • Get Accepted into a new school : c
  • Figure out what type of person I’m gonna be next year


uhm, well yea, that’s it for today!!

BYE < 33

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a very important question!!!

hello! how are you doing? i’m doing great! so this post is just going to be short, as i’m asking you for recommendations (book reccs)

before u comment come of your fav books, they have to follow everything in this list: (sorry if i come out mean or sm : | )

  • 10+ – 13+ (no higher than that)
  • a comic only (not a graphic novel)
  • max 200 pages
  • kid friendly
  • thank u!

< 3 thank you for you recent support! < 3

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reacting to the dumbest jokes P2!

Hello everyone! How are you? I’m great, but a bit annoyed because my computer stopped working while I was writing this post. Before I start with the jokes, kindly answer the question below for a cookie!

QOTD: is it summer break yet?

Let’s get into this post : )

Did you hear about the guy who stole a calendar? He got 12 months, they say his days are numbered.
my reaction: LOL! i actually started laughing at this
Remains to be seen if glass coffins become popular.
my reaction: why would you say that?? i’m not really like laughing,, but its ok funny.
What do you call a dinosaur with an extensive vocabulary? A thesaurus.
my reaction: it’s still OK funny

made by buzzfeed all jokes credit to buzzfeed

I told my doctor that I broke my arm in two places. He told me to stop going to those places.
my reaction: lol : )
30. What did one ocean say to the other ocean? Nothing, they just waved.
my reaction: this is kind of overused, but still funny : )

this was such a fun post to make! 13 likes and I’ll make a part three, i know it’s a bit hard but we can do it! : ) < 3 love you guys! < 3

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the best desktop note taking app for students! (available on windows 10&11!)

hey everyone! i think i’ll be going back to my old intro so hey leaves~! welcome back to another post! before i get into this post, you can answer the qotd if you want! : )

QOTD: do you have any online classes?
AOTD: not anymore : ( but i have math extra classes online

so what is this app?

the surpise is that is app is free, and is already on your windows device. say hello to … sticky notes : )

to get this app, you have to…

step one: search “Sticky notes” on your search thing

step two: open the app

click plus to make any notes!

why is the app so good?

it is very miminal, already on your device, and has many good features!

what are it’s features?

you can resize the window to be really small, or really big which is perfect for notetaking.

it has manyyy text options that are helpful to write with

different color note tabs!

many tabs you can open if you need multiple!

image options! you can even open them in a new page!

so yea! i hope you guys can make use of this! if you guys want an exact tutorial on something in the app, comment below! also, i don’t have windows 11 available on my computer so the app will look diffrent for windows 11 users! (i think)

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reacting to the dumbest jokes

the frog is cute though

HEYYYYY! so there’s not ever enough laughs in the world, so let’s look at the dumbest things one can laugh at.

Q: What do you call a fake noodle?
A: An im-pasta.

my thoughts: ok this is pretty funny but i’m not laughing

Q: Why can’t you trust atoms?
A: They make up everything.

my thoughts: not funny, didn’t laugh : /

  1. Q: How do you stop an astronaut’s baby from crying?
    A: You rocket!

my thoughts: lol : ‘)

Q: Where did the computer go dancing?
A: The Disc-o.

my thoughts: ok this is pretty funny lol

  1. Q: Why is a baseball stadium always cold?
    A: Because it’s full of fans!

my thoughts : lol, this reminded me of the i used to be a fan but now i’m a whole air conditioner.

(ps: these unfunny jokes really show that i will laugh at anything and everything.)

  1. Q: Why was the picture sent to jail?
    A: It was framed


  1. Q: Why did the bicycle fall over?
    A: It was two tired.

my thoughts: hahah? not funny

Q: What kind of tree fits in your hand?
A: A palm tree!

my thoughts: again, not funny.

Q: What do you give a sick lemon?
A: A Lemon-aid.

my thoughts: it’s kinda funny but cute : )

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! part two soon! bye!!! : )

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Goodnotes review !

hey everyone! i hope you’re doing you’re best, and feeling great! Also, we’re on the last two days on Ramadan, so make sure to do you’re prayers!! : )

about Goodnotes

best on: ipad/tablet
free/paid : three free notebooks, paid unlimited notebooks
recommend : use digtal pens
what it’s for: Handwriten notes, pdf annotation

my fav features

  • zoom in/out feature
  • import pdfs feature
  • import stickers
  • highliter feature

why i rate it four stars

it’s way better than any other note app, but sadly i hate how only three notebooks are free.

A small surpise

check this blogs homepage for a surprise!!!! : ) anyways bye~!!!

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how i make my featured images! [updated for my new theme (sort of)!]

hey leaves! i hope you’re okay! today, i’ll be showing you how i design my featured images. i use a format that’s shown at the end of this post!

step one: pick a pastel color.

add two headings.

give both of them different fonts.

add your character

add related graphics.

watermark (optional as i don’t do it)

if you’re wondering, this is the format i use : )

thanks for reading!