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a summer poem <3 (summers the season )

hey ! inky checking in for the week ! i’m planning a big post soon !

this is the poem (handwritten )

Summers the season ,

Of red berries ,

Picnics, cold showers ,

stargazing in the beach at night ,

Shopping in your favorite malls ,

Summer is the season ,

Of light , soft shirts,

blue jeans ,

Summers the season ,

Of seeing your friends ,

Eating icecream,

Blowing bubbles ,

And trying new things,

summer is surely the season.

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hi! so uhm, yes the assumptions post is coming soon! and to the ppl who celebrate Christmas, have a good time! <33 so yeah now let’s get into my poem! (it’s pretty bad)

delicate like glass,
soundless like a feeling
a quiet slow bond,
changing with time.

what do you think?

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fall- a short poem [cringe]

hey girlies! (well, hey humans) what’s up? today’s post is gonna be something i wrote! and let me warn you, it’s not very good. buttt it’s okay! (omg i feel kinda annoying) so i’ll just show you it and you can judge it out of ten!

leaves fall off trees,
wind holws like a wolf,
rain falls onto these leaves,
paper moves along with the wind,
children laugh and chatter,
for fall was the season of tears, smiles and books.

so what do you think? sorry that my two post recent posts were so short, i’ll try to upload something longer for next post! until then leaves, byee~