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as good as dead- review

hey leaves, welcome back to sosoorna’s boring blog; simply a boring blog. or welcome if your new ❤

this is a short- spolier free (ig?) review for Holly Jackson’s 3rd book in her wonderful trigogy AGGGTM.

but before i get into this book, make sure to answer this question:

QOTD: what’s your fav Holly Jackson book?

so agad, (as good as dead) is a 5 star book. Although, I have to say; there are some things that you may want to be warned of.

my age rating for this book is 15

no matter how old you are, this book will break you may i warn

this book is about pippa wanting to start sloving a case, but then she get’s dragged into another case that brings her into the question: who will look for you when you’re missing?

this book has some more trigger warnings that i can’t really mention as this is a kidfriendly site; but you can check other sites for it.

thanks for reading~

byee! have a great day!

p.s. i obviously dont own the book cover in the image

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Hello September

Hey Besties, what’s up? I can’t believe it’s September already. I’ll be making a post soon going through my highlights. But for now, I’ll be sharing these templates w you.