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a day of online school with inky-

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hii! i hope you are exicted to see the third vlog of the gtktb series, so let me just get into it! < 3

8:45- it’s currently time for my class, and i get an extra few minutes because a girl is asking a question. Okay, so I got my book and cleared my desk to start studying. the teacher still hasn’t started, so I’ll explain my schedule for today. so I got math, and then i got history/geography. after, i got arabic history. after, I have English and then arabic. Lastly, I got science. igtg bc she is currently explaining something.
8:57- so my mom just got me chocolate milk when she brought me milk and it tastes good but it spills lol.
9:13- currently finished sums a-d and a few girls are doing it, and this lesson isn’t that hard. Idk if this post is that interesting, so I’ll add cool things that happen.
9:30- so I’m about to join my geography class,and it’s about landforms so wish me luck 🙂
10:00- lemme just say: this class isn’t as hard as you think. I already prepared this chapter a few days ago, so am kinda lucky with this. I even just took some notes.
10:18- well, am starting sag (arabic history), class so wish me some luck please
10:45- uhm so I’m currently in this class, and we’re learning a pretty easy lesson, so lucky me. also, for the past year or so, I would tell my self that the teacher was bad at explaining, but in truth I wasn’t focusing. She’s pretty good at her job tbh.
11:03- English period started but the sag teacher made us stay for a long time, since the teacher said to open our digital notebooks I think we’re doing writing?
11:16- yay!, I can write about judging girl’s for no reason. opens grammarly to write w poor spelling*
11:27- so I’m currently CRYING in my computer is too slow lol 🙂
11:48- well I unleashed a HOLE bit of anger and for one writing pls. I feel too tired so am gonna try to skip class bc am evil :)) (don’t do that at home kids, please focus),
12:30- mission completed. upcoming mission; attend ur science class.
12:39- my teacher played a video, and i understood, and then she paused and talked and now I feel confused :///
bybye broksies

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day in life with inky! [a vlog!]

day in life vlog- a gif

hii! i’ve been wanting to make this post for soooo long! :)) so i’m really exicted to give you a day in life vlog~ but, before i get into it, i have a question for you and a reminder that i only put the best parts of my day, so no my life isn’t as good.

QOTD- do you think social media is fake? why?

9:15 – woke up, and started procrastinating
9:35- really needed the bathroom, so i went and stopped procrastinating
9:45- got some water, and feel pretty good!
9:52- getting dressed, and I totally didn’t try eating my new lip balm. And weirdly enough, it tastes pretty bad. am about to write a to do list.
10:15- currently turning on my computer. Am so excited to be making another post though Idk what to write about. So I’ll just check my reader. light bulb turns on
10:36- finished making the featured image!! What do you think? I really like the background image
10:45- finished writing the post, am about to put the featured image and publish!
10:55- guess what just happened? I got a #spotifywrapped for my podcast! it was so cool! I advice anyone with a podcast to check that out 🙂 anyways I gotta get breakfast
11:24- I just had breakfast! Yum 🙂 it has pretty good tbh, a cheese sandwich with some milk and a gauva next to it! lemme tick things off my list
12:34- currently did some online shopping with my sis for new clothes (bc bro I have clothes that I still wear from three years ago)
01:04- since IDK what to do, I’ll check my list and do something for once 🙂 two minutes later okay so it says to watch YouTube so leesgo. two more minutes later* I have no wifi connection ugh :((( two more* yess! It worked
1:59- well, guess who has to,,,, ugh,,, study? me. Well, I’ll also get myself so thing to drink, am so thirsty. see you in two hours or so? I’ll write here if something happens.
3:20- OKAY, so i finished studying but I have an extra 40 minutes to just enjoy. I studied about weird stuff, and my sister just returned from the dentist after a two hour visit. And they got donuts!! five minutes later* mom said I have to eat lunch first lol :c
4:06- currently am about to have lunch, while eating corn flakes :))
4:26- still waiting for lunch?? :} meh, anyways, I wrote a little bit on my tablet and I’ll see y’all soon.
4:49- yum. I said, as I ate some chicken, enjoying my meal. Well, guess who’s sitting at the kids table,since guests are here? Well my meal tastes good 🙂
5:14- I finished eating , yum now I gotta go do my chores! which won’t be very fun, yet I wanna be positive about it :))
5:26- luckily. I’m quick at cleaning bathrooms. So anyways, I suppose I’ll look at my to do, and then go and join the guests :> wish me luck. but before I go, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for 100,0 likes! like what?? you guys are so amazing, and tbh I really didn’t think people would notice my blog when I made it! reminder that you guys are amazing and live your lives to the fullest!!
5:41- yummwh! am currently about to eat one donut and it looks good! I’ll see you in a few minutes!
6:13- OKAY so I’m currently talking with my sibling about stuff, and I’ll back in a few minutes to start,,, ugh,, my studying session.
7:22- currently waiting for my research on gaslighting to print. Well, I’ve been on the web for the past hour maybe? So I’ve been busy to write here.
8:33- finally done with studying, drawing, and designing and let’s not say that I watched YouTube videos too. mehhhh. let’s just say am not the most productive person on the planet. Now let’s find something to do.
9:11- so I’m currently making a weekly speard for my bullet journal, for the last half hour or so. I think it’s going pretty good so far.
9:32- it’s so pretty y’all. I love it. Well now,I have to find sm to do :).
10:05- chile, so i had some cereal as I was kinda hungry, and I watched some yt, I’m currently still recovering from a “look what you made me do” lyric prank. :> it was pretty funny tbh, and if you want to watch it, you can search up: look what you made me do lyric prank funnybunny. should I make a post listing my fav youtubers.
Nothing fun happened after that, so i didn’t type anything here 🙂

so leavies, this is quite it! i just wanted to say, that no, i wasn’t on my computer all day and typed this out on the notes app of my tablet! lastly, thanks again sooo muchh for the support ya’ll give me! :)) <33 i love ya’ll :>