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a summer poem <3 (summers the season )

hey ! inky checking in for the week ! iā€™m planning a big post soon !

this is the poem (handwritten )

Summers the season ,

Of red berries ,

Picnics, cold showers ,

stargazing in the beach at night ,

Shopping in your favorite malls ,

Summer is the season ,

Of light , soft shirts,

blue jeans ,

Summers the season ,

Of seeing your friends ,

Eating icecream,

Blowing bubbles ,

And trying new things,

summer is surely the season.

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media tells us a story~

hey leaves~ <333333 Today’s post is pretty cool! I’ll be making stories from,,,,, well; non copyrighted images

brain: is this bc you’re running out of idea’s so you took this from maggie doodles???

me: shshhshhsh sheesh don’t expose me. :/

brain: is that bc you are running out of post ideas but you don’t want to make a post asking for suggestions bc ppl never give any anyways?!

me: okay, I won’t cut it this out. You’ve got a point; but you didn’t have to be rude about it. Okay leaves, this is your sign to please give some. šŸ™‚

anyways leaves, let’s get into this! ~

Person Holding Phone While Logging-in on Instagram Application

“shh” I say, a little annoyed. “I’m trying to sign in.” The log in button lags, and I start to lose my temper. The kid behind me looks at me; “do you need help?” I stare at the kid with wonder; this is the 3rd time she asks if I need help. “No thanks, but why are you offering?” The kid smiles: “my dad owns instagram.” I look away, in disbelief. “You really didn’t have to say that. What’s the name of the person who invented it?” To my big surpise, she doesn’t struggle. I hear someone, even further behind me: “emily, we don’t talk to strangers!” Emily, (the kid) looks away, disappointed. I finnally log in. The kid doesn’t stop talking to me. She seems to enjoy talking, the person futher (her mom) doesn’t really approve, I enjoy talking to that kid too. When I’m about to leave, my friend comes in front of me. “Sorry about my sister.” I nod, confused. “Emily’s your sister?” “well, yes, acally. I was about to go on a visit of my grandma’s.”

brain: that was the most far-featched story you’ve written.

Me: well, no. Plus, the thing that matters is to enjoy it! *neverously* right…..?

Bye leaves <333333 ~