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lying breaks trust- a story

Once upon a time, there was a small boy. He had dark hair, and brown eyes. His name was Elian. Elian worked at a small candy shop, and he decided that he wanted to start his own business. He worked on and on, taking longer shifts at his shop. After a few weeks, he had gotten a high pay rise and two more weeks later he got his monthly paycheck. It was a bout 30,000 and he was ready to buy a shop. Elian bought a pretty shop under his apartment for 7000$ and hired two of his friends. He paid 10,000 for the decoration of the shop and the amount of candy that he would need monthly. Lastly, with 300$ he advertised his shop on the billbord. The AD was saying “Welcome to a new candy shop!” He put pictures of the shop and candy. He added a few prices for the items. Soon, he had gotten his first customer. He watched his friend talk to her.
“Hi! Welcome to Candy’s Candy!” Yes, it was a werid name; but surprisingly the customer seemed to like it. “How may I help you?” His friend asked.
“Hey!” The customer said. “I would like the lolipop sticks. Cola Lolipops, please.”
His friend got it from behind the shop. But sadly, after a few days; his shop didn’t do as he expected. He had gotten a lot of people, but it didn’t meet his expectations. Elian went to re- advertise it. He claimed it was a lovely shop,and he was using it to help pay for his sick dad’s surgey. He acted as if it was a life or death matter. Many more people came, and asked about his dad. Elian had way more money now.
But one day, he noticed barely anyone came to his shop and glared litteral daggers at him. When he was driving back home, he saw a billbord saying; “Candy’s candy is a LIER!! There is NO SICK FATHER!!” It even had an audio linked to it, which was so emrbrassing. It was him explaining what he wanted to do to his friends. But only his friends could have recorded that. He sent a message to his friends; EMERGANCY. MEET ME NOW. all in captial.
They showed up and he started yelling; “who put that clip up? You’re sabtiging my buisness!”
“We did.” They all said at once, not a hint of gulit in their voices.
“Why?” He asked,taken aback and betrayed.
“We did all the work. You just watched us work.” Said one, angrily.
“You’re liying to your customers!” said another. “They should know that!”
He couldn’t handle it. Elian stormed out, and drove back home. He had lost his customers’ trust, and they never went back there. Soon he had no money, and his shop was in high dept. He regretted liying to his customers, but he couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily, his parents took him in.


hi! i'm inky, a teen blogger. i don't talk much about myself, but here we go!~ i love reading, writing, drawing, painting, uhm,,, blogging, and talking. (is that a hobby?) you can check out my socials below: .WordPress .spotify- .roblox- .Pinterest- .storygraph-

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